US President Donald Trump Says NATO Is No Longer Obsolete

US President Donald Trump Says NATO Is No Longer Obsolete

President Trump spoke of "an all-time low" of relations with Moscow, while his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was completing a visit to Moscow.

This month, during which his administration has stepped up U.S. military action in Syria and Afghanistan as he looks to reassert USA power, Trump said that "we're not getting along with Russian Federation at all, we may be at an all-time low".

JENS STOLTENBERG, NATO Secretary-General: At least the relationship is hard.

Trump has said he has struck up "very good bonding" and "a very good chemistry" with Xi. The Republican had previously consistently criticised the military alliance and its importance to the allies of the US.

Though the 45th American president seemed appreciating North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, he still criticized its working as he called it "obsolete" in his statement. And you know, far more than we have today, in a true sense.

But experts said a formal declaration to that effect by the Treasury Department could have led to USA sanctions, which would have prompted retaliation from Beijing.

Trump had ranted against China during his presidential campaign accusing it of cheating - "raping" - the United States in bilateral trade and had vowed punitive actions against it including naming it a currency manipulator. I think that's what he realized.

He did not give more specific information on what change he was crediting himself as inspiring in Washington's alliance organization.

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Both highlighted that allies must meet the agreed threshold of defense spending, which is two percent of each country's GDP. "We'll see whether or not he does".

"If he says great things about me, I'm going to say great things about him", Trump said last September. Advisers like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, supporters of the "America First" language of the Trump campaign and inauguration, now have company and competition from those with more globalist points of view. We have ended our combat operations there. "Our mission in Afghanistan is a major contribution to the fight against global terrorism", Stoltenberg told reporters.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But that is - I think most observers now see Afghanistan as slipping back into chaos. "Many have not been doing that", he said. And we still have Taliban.

"I don't know Putin", he said on Wednesday at the joint press conference with Mr Stoltenberg. We have a strong Afghan army, which is fighting the terrorists and Taliban. If not, we will solve the problem without them! "And our country hasn't had a clue, they haven't had a clue". "The obstacles in the way of a reset now are more serious than you had at the outset of any other administration since the end of the Cold War". But we have to enable the Afghans to manage those challenges themselves. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the political neophyte expressed his surprise at learning that China can not dictate terms in North Korea. "That's mass destruction. And he doesn't have the delivery systems yet, but he - you know he will", he said.

In the Wall Street Journal interview, the president praised the Export-Import Bank, which he dismissed in August previous year as an "unnecessary" agency with "a lot of excess baggage". And that is something I have expressed several times in meetings with the Turkish leaders.

Stoltenberg said he had an excellent and productive meeting in the Oval Office with Trump.

JENS STOLTENBERG: Thank you so much.