Tony Romo to suit up for Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday

Tony Romo to suit up for Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday

It also helped that multiple TV networks has stepped forward with significant interest in a lucrative on-air job, the kind of dream post-football landing spot reserved for stars with charisma. He might be a home-run pick and become another Troy Aikman or Cris Collinsworth, but at least those guys cut their teeth on a smaller football stage before being ushered into a No. 1 chair. So did the legendary John Madden.

In his Super Bowl-winning season of 1999, Warner's offense scored nine points in an 11-6 NFC Championship Game win Not many quarterbacks in National Football League history could score nine points at home in a title game and win.

"I don't think it's going to be easy", he said. You wake up every day and give everything you've got.

"And you can stack them however you want based on championships and other things, but for me personally, what he's done for me in my life and what I know he's done for the organization, you've gotta respect that". You're walking into a brand-new situation. When you compare his play with the peers of his era, he comes out looking pretty dang good. He has not yet graduated to former-athlete "in order to stay relevant I must say something that people will talk about and keep me in the news" mode.

-"I'm excited about this".

This move seemed extremely logical due to the meteoric rise of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott over this past season and the fact that Tony Romo is the most injury-prone athlete in all of sports. If they made a decision to keep Romo on the team for the 2017 season it would more or less equate to the Cowboys throwing $14 million into the trash.

That narrative is a I said lazy, and simply not true.

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"I'm excited, I love Dallas", Moore said. Chris Simms said his dad, who has several years left on his contract, will land on his feet and be fine. In case you're keeping score, that's six good years and five bad ones for Warner, which hardly qualifies him as a Hall of Famer. "But when they went over that, it was always 'but Tony does it this way.' Eventually, it was like 'can I get the Tony manual?'" ". If there is a strength of mine, it's my ability to learn". Colin Kaepernick might have been considered here, but because his skill set does not fit that of a traditional dropback passer, any team that was interested in Romo would be more likely to kick the tires on Cutler.

"That's the decision I want to make. That's the approach I'm going to take, and I think that gives me the best chance to succeed". "It takes time to understand the mechanisms of television".

The Cowboys: When Romo tweeted a photo of himself wearing a jacket with the CBS logo, it was clear that this was a move that was in the works for weeks.

Phil Simms is a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New York Giants, and was the lead analyst for CBS alongside Jim Nantz since 2003.

The obvious choice would be to just bump him down to one of their other announcing teams for Sunday slates.

Tony Romo's courtship by CBS was apparently so super secret that Phil Simms didn't find out he was being replaced until a deal was already struck, according to Simms' son, Chris.

A representative for CBS Sports did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.