Indiana Senate approves bill making 'ILEARN' new state test

Indiana Senate approves bill making 'ILEARN' new state test

Less than a day after the Senate approved a full-fledged medical marijuana bill, Senate Bill 386, the House has put it on path to quick consideration.

"I think that this bill reflects a larger problem on our changing economy and our lack of actually helping transition these workers to the jobs of the future", said Rep. Brittney Pettersen, D-Lakewood. "It does so without playing games or being cute".

All versions of the bill so far have established related criminal law for people who have or use medical marijuana without valid certifications or prescriptions to do so.

"While partial-birth abortions are banned by federal law, state prosecutors can not enforce federal law; this provides an enforcement mechanism for Texas to prosecute those who perform partial-birth abortions", King said.

State senators on Monday gave their first approval to a major overhaul of their medical marijuana legislation.

The House of Representatives unanimously rejected a Senate amendment Monday that would have allowed the Senate sergeant-at-arms to carry concealed weapons on public property. They fear abuses of the type that already have occurred with prescription pain pills in West Virginia could lead to an upsurge in illegal use of marijuana.

In July 2018, the amendment calls for a reduction of the state's 6 percent sales tax to 5.5 percent, then to 5.25 percent in July 2019.

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An aide emphasized that changes had to "add net votes" to the total in order for leaders to agree to move forward with it. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said it is bad policy to pass major legislation without bipartisan support.

"This legislature should not be concerned with the seven existing license-holders", Custin said. "If 28 people are going to jump off a bridge, are you going to jump with them?" asked Delegate Tom Fast, R-Fayette.

"Just as solar power is becoming more affordable for everyone, Senate Bill 309 would take away that choice from thousands of Hoosier families, schools, churches, farms and small businesses", the ad says. He said the existing licensees invested money under the current requirements and moved forward in "good faith".

Seliger, who is chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee and serves on the Senate Finance Committee, acknowledged those worries on the Senate floor Tuesday.

An amendment West Virginia House of Delegates members had to make in a bill to permit medicinal use of marijuana is evidence not enough thought went into drafting the proposal.

North Dakota's pro-gun House on Tuesday approved allowing lawmakers and other qualified elected officials to carry hidden firearms into government buildings, including the state Capitol, and at public gatherings, including sporting events or even schools.

Morgan said edibles should be allowed, along with a provision included in the original measure that allowed patients living more than 40 miles from a facility to cultivate their own marijuana plants.