White House officials offer change to health care bill

White House officials offer change to health care bill

Trump administration officials and leading legislators said they planned to resume their hunt for common ground between conservatives and moderates. The White House held multiple meetings with its members, and even offered to cut Obamacare's essential benefits provision - but the faction still insisted, "no deal".

"God bless them", the Texas Republican said. "It's going to be harder and harder for them to work on a bipartisan basis". Before the essential health benefits requirement, just 12 percent of individual market plans covered maternity benefits, for example.

"Tweets and statements and blame don't change facts", Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, an OH member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, told Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union".

Six days after the House bill crashed, President Trump tweeted that the Freedom Caucus "will hurt the entire Republican agenda" if they don't start cooperating.

Amash responded shortly afterward by tweeting that Trump had become like the very political establishment that he campaigned against and the caucus has opposed.

As Trump made the concessions to try to buy off some of the Freedom Caucus, the folks back home were educating their neighbors and holding their Congress member's feet to the fire. Last week, the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, told the Wall Street Journal he is seeking a unified Republican approach to tax reform but is also willing to listen to his Democratic colleagues on the committee. An aide emphasized that changes had to "add net votes" to the total in order for leaders to agree to move forward with it. The Post reports that Representative Chris Collins, another member of the Tuesday Group, was not sold on getting rid of the "community ratings" provision, though he suggested that he would be open to states deciding the issue for themselves, especially since NY already mandates it.

"I think it's important for the administration to signal early the general shape" of what they would like to accomplish so that there are fewer proposals vying for attention, said Michael Mundaca, a former assistant Treasury secretary now at Ernst & Young.

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"He just wants to protect us from al-Qaida, and terrorism", said Kervin Dorsainvil, 18, a computer technician from Port Charlotte, Florida. He worked the phones late most nights to round up GOP votes to pass the imperfect, long-promised repeal out of the House of Representatives.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are in active discussions with the White House to resuscitate the Obamacare repeal effort after being forced to pull their first attempt at a bill - the American Health Care Act - from the House floor almost two weeks ago over a lack of support. Ryan's political office said Monday that was the largest monthly transfer by a Republican speaker, breaking his own previous record of $6.3 million transferred in March 2016.

And, there was still little evidence that Pence's renewed push had changed any minds in the House Freedom Caucus.

Sanford did not attend the Tuesday night meeting but said, "There was not concurrence on where the left and the right in the conference are on the bill". Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 23 House districts that are now held by Republicans, many in the Northeast and in the West, and Democrats are going all out to tie them to Trump. Brooks said he still thought the best solution would be to bring up the 2015 repeal bill that the House and Senate already voted on.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said it is bad policy to pass major legislation without bipartisan support.

Ryan was set to report his total quarterly fundraising totals next week. We will see next year.

"However, if you look at most of the Freedom Caucus districts, most of the members ran ahead of Trump in those districts".