The Galaxy X could land before the Galaxy Note 8 — Samsung

The Galaxy X could land before the Galaxy Note 8 — Samsung

Samsung recently unveiled the latest installment in its flagship series, the Galaxy S8.

As Samsung's top-tier smartphones, the Galaxy S8 models will challenge the latest Apple iPhones. The iPhone camera, which is already a sought-after feature of the device, is expected to outperform Samsung's 3D capabilities, especially in terms of virtual reality (VR) gaming. It's impressive, really. Pair that with key upgrades, and the Galaxy S8 looks like a great buy.

Like Apple's Siri, Bixby is an intelligent interface that will help users get more out of their phone.

Samsung is also planning to launch OLED panels without a polarizer. This is a departure compared to how the company used a dual-camera setup in the past, with the iPhone 7 having a dual-camera setup that was horizontal. It remains to be seen how useful Bixby will be, but it will be one of the first things I test when my S8 Plus arrives. April 21, 2017 will bring us an incredible new contender to the smartphone arena with more than a handful of enhanced and innovative features.

Following the launch last week Samsung described its suite of security options as "foolproof". The fingerprint scanner is shifted to the back of the device.

So how much better would it be if you could both connect your own Bluetooth headphones to the same phone at the same time and stream the music to both? The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ feature both facial recognition and iris scanning, but the video shows the facial recognition function being tricked by a photo. Samsung has formed more than 870 partnerships with more than 870 banks worldwide for such aim.

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In other words, the two Galaxy S8 smartphones seen in this video could be pre-production units with an older version of the facial recognition software, and Samsung could have addressed the vulnerability in the meantime. Other companies have also offered similar features wherein the user can just point their camera at a foreign signage and have the AI translate it for them.

The Galaxy S8 provides various levels of biometric authentication, with the highest level of authentication from the iris scanner and fingerprint reader. And the tiny bezels is what gives the screen enough space to fit.

Mobile phones are adopting many changes right now. Apple took 31.3 percent of the USA smartphone market, compared to the 28.9 percent share occupied by the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Apple famously removed the standard headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

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