Samsung Unveils The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung Unveils The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

However, these apps were absent on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, and now we know why. The curved "Edge" display that previously appeared on the S6 and S7 is said to have been done away with. You can use a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, but most of these apps won't have keyboard shortcuts, the ability to drag and drop, or simply the scale to make use of a bigger screen. Additionally, Samsung has also just announced last month during the Mobile World Congress that its very own Exynos 9 Series 8895 chip, which will also be used for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in some markets, was also reportedly capable of the said gigabit speeds.

In an attempt to regain the trust of consumers, the Galaxy S8 comes brimming with new features, including a security system that utilizes facial recognition software and a new digital assistant named Bixby.

The latest flagship device from the South Korean conglomerate sports a spectacular design, which is inarguably the best among all the mainstream smartphones available in the market today.

Tech fans saving up for the release can also look forward to trying out the firm's new Siri-like personal assistant, Bixby. The fingerprint scanner now sits on the back side of the phone next to the camera module, which isn't the best place to put a fingerprint scanner. While it is a cool feature, and can be used to check notifications when your phone is lying flat on a surface, it doesn't serve much of a goal yet as the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back.

Adverts for the Galaxy S8 launch have been taking up prime-time slots on television for the past few weeks.

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But - possibly to cover the cost of such a fancy screen - Samsung has also significantly hiked the price. The new phones feature larger screens than their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge predecessors, on-screen home button icons, and a new intelligent assistant called Bixby.

There are some new additions to the GS8 Microsoft Edition. Samsung ultimately killed that smartphone after two recalls, both related to issues with faulty batteries.

Samsung naturally went all out to ensure that the rechargeable batteries do not explode.

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