Season Finale of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD

Season Finale of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD

"The Walking Dead" show loves to take liberties from the comics, so you shouldn't expect what happens in the season 7 finale and beyond to cut exactly the same way as described above.

While Maggie is distracted with her work, Sasha and Rosita take advantage of that time to prepare for their assassination attempt. Season seven kicked off in a horribly memorable way, but since then, it's felt like we're the ones on the receiving end of Negan's mind games.

The first was in the Season 4 finale, "A". Sexual assault is far too often used for shock value or background noise on television, and Walking Dead has avoided some of the controversy circling its genre brethren by either handling the issue thoughtfully - like when Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was sexually humiliated by the Governor (David Morrissey), and she and Glenn (Steven Yeun) were shown grappling with their pain and confusion for the rest of the season - or avoiding it altogether. Right after she's already given him forgiveness he doesn't entirely deserve. She even had a heart to heart with Judith before she let him know about the group, despite her promise to keep it a secret. But it's just fun to watch Sasha dissembling, and enjoying her ability to manipulate this guy for whom she's clearly lost all respect.

If only Gregory wasn't still around. Mags not only kills both groaners, but gives Gregory a rookie pass for squealing and looking like he's going to puke. Throughout the entire season, we've seen how one decision leads to the next, each choice making sense, until suddenly you wind up as someone doing things you don't recognize. She's made her mantra very clear - "We take - we don't bother" - so could she be using the war to her advantage? Seems like he's cashing in on the mustachioed Savior's offer to visit the Sanctuary - and plotting to sell Maggie out. But tell me, how'd you feel about this episode?

Who comes to the rescue? He starts to unbuckle his trousers when Negan, a champion for women's rights, comes in and puts a stop to the impending rape. (Omitting, of course, that Negan's "wives" are essentially sex slaves). And in the final minutes of this week's episode - "Something They Need" - Rosita reveals that Negan's reluctant lieutenant saved her from the shootout at the Sanctuary at some point after the closing credits.

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GORY GLORY: There's nothing too special about the way any of the walkers were dispatched on this episode, so I'll go with Negan sticking his knife through the neck of the Savior who will forever be known as Rapey Davey. You can look at Negan's strict no-rape policy and say, "Well, at least he's not willing to tolerate that". "I just want you to understand, we are not monsters". Like Sasha, who wasn't buying any of it. And then when Sherry ran away, Negan ordered Dwight to chase her down and kill her. I also gave Norman Reedus (Daryl) a hug in that scene when we reunite after he escaped from the cell because he was finally out of his sweatpants (laughs). Rick says "Thanks for the guns, ladies!" and they depart leaving all the viewers with a not-so-great feeling that the patriarchy has won again.

That action sequence in the woods, when a miniature army of walkers descend on Rick's group and the Oceanside crew, forcing these two warring factions to fight on the same side. Just because it's The Walking Dead doesn't mean someone died. Yes, they may bash their leader Natania (Deborah May) in the face and cast division amongst the group. If Oceanside agrees to join the fight, they may have the upper-hand.

Will Rick kill Dwight or will he realise that he is a bigger asset than he could ever have hoped for?

The clip also shows the Big Bad talking to the still-imprisoned Sasha.