Beauty and the Beast pulled from cinemas in Kuwait

Beauty and the Beast pulled from cinemas in Kuwait

There were some points when the contrasting dynamic between live-action and animation caused the CGI characters to feel a bit awkward, as exemplified during the "Be Our Guest" segment. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland explored new 3D technologies and dug into the source material, while Maleficent fully embraced the darkness at the heart of Sleeping Beauty by borrowing ideas from Wicked.

Ever since it was announced that Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast would feature an outwardly gay character, the film has been no stranger to controversy.

Visually, the movie is great.

This is a film that looks lovely and has a very stage musical quality at times.

Though I've only seen it once, I thought I noticed some continuity errors.

The storyline sticks closely with the older cartoon, plus fixes up some holes for us. As a outcome, they thought they would be able to ward off the deadly infection - a method that failed many of them. He really embodied the vanity and persona that come with that character.

Director Bill Condon says Le Fou "is confused about his sexuality" and that the film shows a brief "gay moment". For someone who is supposed to be canonically gay, the film makes no clear indication of his sexuality other than a few suggestive comments made toward Gaston and the look on his face given when he dances with another man at the end of the movie.

The film centers on Belle (Emma Watson), a girl living in a small provincial town in France.

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But they realized they could approximate Duke's talent if not its skill, and in a one-and-done setting belief is a powerful thing. Sometimes you just get that feeling that a team has become a team of destiny, and I have that feeling about the Wolverines.

However, I have to appreciate her doing the best she could with what she had. If Belle was the inventor she had been described as, she could have picked the locks, or at least been more creative throughout the movie. "Like numerous additions to this movie, I think it's a handsome, subtle moment that does its job and is left alone".

I know some people still closely associate Watson with Hermione, and have a hard time seeing her as anything else.

The auto-tune and synthesizing of Watson's voice took me out of numerous songs.

The film is also embellished with some extra insight into various characters, in particular Belle's father, played by Kevin Kline, whose character is fleshed out with an interesting backstory that adds some drama to the fairy tale. Even if LeFou's sexuality is not striking by itself - in fact, it only seems used for comic effect - it is an applaudable addition nonetheless.

THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD, especially considering Gad played Olaf in Frozen. AGH.

For many current college students, the mention of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" brings an immediate sense of nostalgia, tied with easier times and happy memories from our childhood.

A full cast of incredible singers brought the musical numbers to life, including the surprisingly lovely voice of Emma Watson ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2" 2011) as Belle and even Ian McKellen ("X-Men Days of Future Past" 2014) sang as Cogsworth.