Proposed Budget Puts VT Programs at Risk of Losing Federal Funding

Proposed Budget Puts VT Programs at Risk of Losing Federal Funding

Speaking to reporters at the daily White House briefing, budget director Mick Mulvaney argued that cuts on everything from Meals on Wheels and after-school care to foreign aid are aimed to improving government.

Hepburn said the center provides more than 6,000 meals a month to seniors.

President Donald Trump's proposed federal budget cuts have left people in the Bay Area on edge as funding for programs like Meals on Wheels could be greatly diminished if it is approved. "That's how it happens here in Lubbock". Foreman says they have a small reserve right now, but any additional budget cuts would have a more serious impact on services.

"One would assume that concerned individuals who see the value in Meals on Wheels want it [to continue] to serve seniors in need", spokeswoman Jenny Bertolette told NBC News.

The Lake Champlain Basin Program receives $5.5 million in federal funding each year.

Pick said that the program serves 800 seniors a day and that it delivers and prepares from scratch about 1000 meals each day.

Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Syracuse Mason Kaufman knows the massive increase in military spending has to come from somewhere, but the questions is where.

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As the demand for services struggles to keep up with Maine's aging population the concern is that any kind of cuts could be devastating.

"Federal funding for Meals on Wheels was established by the Older Americans Act of 1965, along with a number of other nutrition and social support programs".

Maya Furukawa, 14, said volunteering for Meals on Wheels is very personal to her because her grandmother is a recipient.

The actual effect of next year's budget on the program is unclear - in part because Trump's budget plan is thin on details. The cut, she said, would amount to $22,518.

"Yeah", Preast said. "Because he was told- I was under the influence that he was going to help us".

Since these programs feed veterans, children, poor, elderly, disabled and others who are unable to leave their homes, the internet pretty much lost it at Mulvaney's freaky justification of the inhumane budget cut.

"They work every single day tirelessly to make sure there aren't people left behind in our community and in communities across our country", Gumenick said.