NCAA Tournament: Most likely Cinderellas at each seed

NCAA Tournament: Most likely Cinderellas at each seed

Who will win it all?

The Madness Matchup tool works by comparing two teams' historical win percentages for five categories - the teams' seed, conference, final AP ranking (once it is released Monday, March 13), mascot, and color.

The south region is perhaps the most wide open of the four, as top seed North Carolina has underperformed on the road this year.

Every player dreams that they will be the one who will decide the game in the final seconds and lead their team to win in the Finals of the NCAA championship. However, two brackets lost an Elite 8 team on Day 1. Kentucky possibly has gotten the worst draw of any potential title contender in this whole tournament-again. "That's the one thing I've learned as a leader". This has made them the second most profitable sporting event in the United States only behind the Super bowl.

The former president predicts a few upsets in the men's first round, including number 10 seed VCU over seventh seeded St. Mary's, and 10th seeded Wichita State besting number seven seed Dayton. In the NCAA tournament, the better team comes up on top, not the team with the most amount of notable players.

The team that will most likely stand in its way of accomplishing that goal is my choice to win it all, the Arizona Wildcats.

"Luckily it was a week ago, so I'm just all past it, and we're all just focused on this game, being ready to go out and perform like everybody knows I can and we can as a team", Mitchell said. They're in their second consecutive round of 32, and will face Butler next. I stayed awake for 48 hours straight watching 15 different bracket shows on ESPN. As for the women's tournament, 45 is predicting a showdown between the University of CT and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Either way he has Washington advancing to the Final Four.

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Which team has the best chance to cause an upset?

At least one No. 2 seed won't escape the first weekend: For 18 of the past 20 years, a No. 2 seed has failed to reach the Sweet 16.

Will Obama be right this year?

The 44th POTUS used to appear on an ESPN special with Andy Katz to reveal his tournament picks nearly one-by-one each year.

Northwestern, one of the original Division I teams, is representing the Big 10 despite being blown out by Wisconsin in the semifinals of the conference tournament. What that means, i'm not sure. They never have a prayer, thus, more apathy on my part. Even better, the Duke transfer has become an SMU star. They'll play Purdue next.

Bettors also are lining up on the Wolverines in their opening-round game against Oklahoma State. He averaged 14.6 points, shooting 54 percent from the field and 41 percent from downtown. When he is playing lights out, they could pull out big games against Kentucky and UNC. Plus, there'll be a few others that turn out great, because there always are. Now it's time for the Friday First Round games to take the stage across the country for March Madness.

What has the best mascot in the tournament? This year, No. 5s Minnesota (Middle Tennessee State), Iowa State (Nevada) and Virginia (North Carolina-Wilmington) should be very wary. And the one-and-done format of the tournament only ratchets up the drama to levels the National Basketball Association wishes it could replicate aside from the occasional Game 7.