Maybe Marvel's Iron Fist Needs More Time to Develop?

Maybe Marvel's Iron Fist Needs More Time to Develop?

Intentionally or not, it makes it seem like Netflix is happy to have them support the show, but not cast an Asian-American actor as the series lead. We learned that they're an ancient sect who discovered a risky secret; a deadly ritual that unlocks eternal life. I'm keen to judge the show as a viewer for what it is rather than what it could, or should have been, and certainly not before problems become apparent in the narrative. The tale of a rich kid, Danny Rand, who returns to New York City 15 years after he's thought to have been killed in a Himalayan plane crash, Iron Fist dribbles and drags along, never offering the satisfying moments this kind of premise easily sets up: the thrill of the reveal, the catharsis of identity confirmed, the re-learning of the world. And you definitely would not think that this vaguely homeless looking dude could escape a goon-protected sanitarium by punching his way through a brick wall - courtesy of one blow from a glowing, pulsing knuckle sandwich.

However, it is time to bid farewell to that sweet joy of victory over DC. When he returns home to NY, he'll meet some characters that Marvel fans already know plenty about. Today, we sing a requiem. But Finn Jones can't convincingly play any side of the character, and Danny is written with no through-line for him to hold onto.

He was taken in by monks who taught him how to be a warrior, and harness his chi into a golden fist to punch people and break hospital doors with. In that story Harold (the senior Meachum) is on the business trip with the Rand family, and betrays them, leading to the death of Danny's parents.

Danny returns to NY 15 years later, wanting to reclaim his life and identity.

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She was joined on the red carpet by co-stars Finn Jones, Jessica Stroup, Jessica Henwick and Tom Pelphrey. "We look at corporate responsibility and corporate corruption, the one-percent of the one-percent". The only positive I saw was from Bustle who said they were waiting on more Claire Temple and that the show would be more interesting as she is really the focal point of the story. Without saying too much, there are two characters that really come in and shake up his beliefs about who he is, what his place in the world is.

But just how does Iron Fist pave the way for #TheDefenders? Her character runs rudderless for most of the show. This scene also presents Danny as a hopelessly bad fighter, because he allows her to get close enough to kiss him and sneak into his blind spots.

Colleen continues to weigh over the ramifications of participating in that illegal cage fight - especially after one of her students films the match and posts it online. However, when a long-destined enemy rises in NY, this living weapon is forced to choose between his family's legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist. Arrow, itself a bland riff that takes more from Batman's mythos than I can keep up with, also fits.

Coming back to action. You can try and widen the scope, telling stories that wouldn't have been seen as doable even five years ago, and have people flock to it. The movements look so lazy, so weak. Truth be told, that could've made way more sense than dragging out a seemingly-uninteresting "living weapon" who we rarely get to see use his powers to full potential. Could Jessica, Luke and Matt not make up for the Ringo Star that is Danny to their Beatles? No.