Google introduces new parental control software for Android devices

Google introduces new parental control software for Android devices

We're long passed the day that kids are clamoring for AOL accounts, but many young children now have smartphones and, frankly, many parents have little control over those phones or insights into how the kids are using them. I received an early invite and was able to play around with it, and came away very impressed. Making this process a breeze is Family Link's single application, downloadable straight from Google Play. You can invite up to four family members to join your group.

For the system to work, Family Link requires that both parent and child use Android.

You can't transfer an existing "illegal" account.

. It was developed to help the parents or guardians to manage the child's gadget consumption, reach, and mobile experience. The app lets parents create and monitor a Google account for kids when they are ready for their first android device.

The software on the phone you give your kid looks much like the software on your own phone. "Here's how it works: First, your kid will need a new device that runs Android Nougat (7.0) or higher". Once downloaded, a Google account should be created through the app, and kids can sign into their devices using the newly created credentials. All the things you would expect.

Keep in mind Family Link does not claim to block inappropriate content, though some apps do offer their own filtering options. Once the whole family is set up, you can start digging into the settings. This will prevent them from using an app more than the required time.

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Google has announced a new service for parents who want to get kids 13 and under into the digital world more quickly.

The two phones will be in sync following this move and the parent will be able to keep tabs on what the kid is doing. And yes it's for kids also. Parents are also prompted to check all pre-installed Google apps before downloading parental control. It is also an app we don't pay too much attention to, though.

You can download it though right now if you want to help Google by providing feedback which can help them with the official release of Family Link. The app will also let parents control the apps that their kids use. But the killer feature in Family Link is Screen time. Advanced parental control features include screen time tracking, app rating limits, bedtime schedules, and more. You can see if you're eligible to receive an invitation here. Importantly, the parent doesn't have to be close by to control the child's device.

See the Google Family Link site and FAQ hub for more details.