EPA Reopens US Rules Setting Vehicle Efficiency Standards For 2025

EPA Reopens US Rules Setting Vehicle Efficiency Standards For 2025

Trump made the comment Wednesday in Ypsilanti Township at Willow Run.

Take for example, the Trump administration's announcement that it is open to rolling back President Obama's fuel efficiency standards for cars.

Trump is taking a step toward rolling back another Obama-era regulation, this time instituting a review of fuel efficiency standards meant to squeeze more miles out of the USA fleet and slow global warming. Trump met with over a dozen executives including the CEOs of Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler. Hundreds of auto workers, bused in by their companies, also attended. Known as CAFE standards and set to reach 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 (with caveats), outside observers said that the auto industry was well on its way to reaching those targets. Auto companies, like all other companies, are in business to make a profit - so if they can get away with cutting costs, they will in order to be competitive in their industry. Automakers maintain that rules calling for higher fuel economy standards will drive up the price of new cars. This won't be a quick process: A year-long review of the standards would be followed by a new rule-making - and then lengthy legal challenges. "Pruitt-Feb. -21-2016-Signed.pdf">asked EPA to conduct the review. The Trump administration's review should lead to a redoubling of the nation's commitment to pursuing those benefits.

"These standards are costly for automakers and the American people", said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, in a statement. Environmentalists have vowed to sue if the Trump administration weakens them.

"We love them, too", he said. "'He's done a great job, ' POTUS said of his chief of staff".

In re-opening the original midterm review, Trump said the focus will be on keeping jobs.

In a speech after the meeting, Trump promised the government's final determination would "ensure that any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs, your factories".

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"They all told me the same thing". That was not the intent when the 2025 rules went in place.

Speaking under a banner that reads, "Buy American - Hire American", Trump called automakers to manufacture in the U.S.

"To me, it's like somebody reneged on the deal and I don't like it".

"Soon, now, already happened", he said.

Meanwhile, the National Automobile Dealers Association endorsed the move.

Former EPA officials and environmental groups have decried the reversal, pointing out that carmakers had previously complained about fuel efficiency standards only to easily meet the requirements due to the evolution of technology. Carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by more than 1 billion tons, and even an administration that is skeptical of climate change should welcome reductions in air pollution. The average today, for both cars and trucks, is about 25 mpg.

Trump has expressed admiration for Jackson, who died in 1845. "Trump campaigned on a promise to cut corporate lobbying, but today's announcement unmasks another empty promise to American voters".