Villanova gets top seed in NCAA Tournament; Syracuse out

Villanova gets top seed in NCAA Tournament; Syracuse out

According to data from the past six years of the official bracket game of the NCAA tournament, no victor had a ideal bracket heading into the Sweet 16. To save you a trip to Google, one quintillion has 18 zeros.

So before you go homertastic with your bracket, allow us to fill you in on what to expect from U-M and MSU in this tournament. You know what filling out a bracket does to you?

Keep in mind these are only tips based off the eye-test and statistics. This will be the Eagles' 10th appearance in the Big Dance.

The action begins Tuesday evening when New Orleans Privateers and Mount St. Mary's Mountaineers square off for the opportunity to face the No. 1 overall seed Villanova Wildcats. Add in the injuries that the team dealt with all season as well as Krzyzewski's absence, and things seem to be tilting toward a No. 1 for Duke.

CBS kicks off with Selection Sunday on March 12 between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET. And much like Virginia, the Mustangs play shutdown defense, allowing 94.8 adjusted points per 100 possession (29th best). He is known for helping 39 players get drafted into the National Basketball Association. Bracket pools alone see Americans risk billions of dollars annually. Still, the Orange ouster was notable because of the outcry when Jim Boeheim's team made the field with a similarly mediocre resume previous year - then made it all the way to the Final Four.

John Calipari - The head coach at the University of Kentucky since 2009, Calipari previously coached at two other universities.

Villanova top seed; Syracuse left home
The Tar Heels lost to Duke in the ACC tournament last weekend, but still are 27-8 and one of three favorites to win this region. He told kids that they need to have the mindset of winning and being a great player to actually become a great player.

The first- and second-round matchups lasting from March 16 to March 19, will also be split among the four channels, including TNT. If USC can beat Providence, they might be able to oust sixth-seeded SMU.

For example, No. 1 seeds have beaten No. 2 seeds 53.2 percent of the time, and teams with dog mascots have beaten teams with cat mascots 57.6 percent of the time.

The Wildcats are 7-2 against ranked opponents this season and should be happy Butler sits on the other side of the bracket as the No. 4 seed in the South region-the Bulldogs handed them both of those losses.

Led by the ACC with nine teams, then the Big East and Big Ten with seven each, the six biggest conferences took 32 of the 36 at-large spots this year. It'll likely come down to the final few seconds! Bill Self is making his 19th consecutive appearance - 14th with Big 12 champion Kansas (half of the Jayhawks' record 28 consecutive NCAA appearances) after trips with Tulsa and IL.

Gonzaga, which made it to the Sweet 16 as a No. 11 seed previous year, is a No. 1 this time. "When going for an upset, try and focus on teams from better conferences". When the dust settles Wednesday night, only four will move on to the traditional 64-team field that will eventually crown a national champion. The parity in college basketball continues to rise, and the days of one or two first-round upsets are gone, replaced by dozens of potential upsets. They earned those top seeds because they've been the best teams in college basketball all season, which is why I rarely call for a No. 1 seed to get upset before the Sweet 16 round at the earliest in my own brackets. They will put up a tough fight and it is feasible they could make history. Baylor looked great. By happenstance, I was able to catch additional games including Kansas and Louisville. The Gamecocks were picked to finish last in the Ohio Valley Conference this season.