The Public Pulse: The GOP's really bad health care plan

The Public Pulse: The GOP's really bad health care plan

"I am terrified. Terrified". "So then the question is, what's the state going to do when they get less federal match (funding)?"

Contributing to this support is the provision that insurers can not discriminate against anyone with a pre-existing condition either by dropping coverage or forcing those with chronic, rare, or debilitating diseases to pay more in out-of-pocket costs. Under the Republican plan, co-pays and deductibles will likely be higher and harder to afford.

A pharmaceutical industry official said that the industry isn't going to be taking as public or vocal an approach this time because the exchanges represent a tiny fraction of its business.

"Initial analysis suggests that this approach may make it even more hard than it now is under the ACA for low-income and elderly Virginians to afford health insurance in the individual marketplace", Connaughton states.

Stacey L. Worthy is the executive director of the Aimed Alliance and a health care policy expert.

"The bill stinks. How more simple can I put it?" Younger are going to benefit.

But before you say, "Ok, these Washington number crunchers are pushing an agenda", the people who compile these reports are legit.

"There's some estimates that 50 percent of people go on and off of the program in a given year", said health economist Tim McBride, who chairs an oversight committee for Missouri's Medicaid program.

But insurance companies who offer policies to individuals who don't get it through their jobs were afraid that if sick people could buy insurance, it would drive costs up, and healthy people wouldn't bother to buy coverage or would be priced out.

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The Affordable Care Act was developed as the first step to controlling rising health care costs and providing coverage for people regardless of their economic status, gender or pre-existing condition.

To the editor: The American Health Care Act (AHCA) is under consideration in the U.S. House. The wealthy will no longer pay taxes to subsidize those with less income.

It says 24 million people will lose health care coverage over the next 10 years under this plan.

"It could be 300,000, it could be 400,000". Is Congress going to repeal and replace or not?

"Medicaid is that safety net".

"What we hear is that the medicine, people will have to take less". Trump has begun to act on this promise, but his proposed plan leaves a lot to be desired. His replacement for the ACA, therefore, would be the plan that seniors would have to use.

One piece of the CBO's assessment does qualify as good news.

"(Consumers) want insurance. They want peace of mind", Lee said. "It's not accessible if it's not affordable", said Sen. They work really hard. In the House, a battle rages on both sides of the aisle.