Buzzwords in three key elections — Immigration and EU

Buzzwords in three key elections — Immigration and EU

While results will be announced overnight following the vote Wednesday, the identity of the next government is unlikely to be known for some time.

"It's like looking into thick coffee, as we would say".

The VVD is the party of the ruling Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

It will be interesting to see tomorrow if the idea of acting in this manner serves to reassure those otherwise thinking of voting for Mr Wilders and the PVV, or whether it simply highlights Mr Wilders agenda in a way which helps him.

Latest Dutch polls and a factbox on parties' positions http://fingfx. A recent projection of seats by Tom Louwerse of the University of Leiden indicates that at least four parties will be required to form a coalition (the current government is a coalition between two).

On Sunday, a Peil weekly poll had VVD in the lead with 24 potential seats and PVV as a runner-up with 22 seats.

Leader Sybrand Buma has moved the traditionally center-right Christian Democrats to the right to counter Wilders, while the pro-European Union liberal democrats D66 are also on track to win more seats. That was quickly followed by the surprise victory of U.S. President Donald Trump in November, ushering in his "America First Foreign Policy" in Washington.

With many voters appearing to be undecided which of the record 28 parties in the running to choose, politicians hit the airwaves and the campaign trail yesterday to try to sway them. "The Netherlands belongs to the Dutch people", Wilders said during a televised debate.

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Mr Wilders said at the debate that Mr Rutte should have immediately expelled the Turkish ambassador.

"It's easy to tweet messages from the sidelines telling the world what you would do if you were in charge", the prime minister retorted.

Despite the fact that the Freedom Party could still emerge as the largest group in parliament, this outcome is generally not being treated with the same degree of alarm in Europe than the prospect of French National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen winning power in May. That would however still be well up on the 12 MPs his party has in the outgoing parliament.

As Vote Leave's chief executive, much of my time was spent battling Ukip, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks's campaign - the closest equivalents to the Freedom Party in the UK. Slowly but very surely all these parties have distorted and disfigured the political debate in their countries, calling for radical change, often scapegoating immigrants or "bankers", many resorting to street violence, though not yet terror. "They threw me out of the party because I thought Turkey was not part of Europe".

"They have two strong competitors on the left which are taking over their votes basically". And with other parties refusing to go into coalition with him, he probably won't govern.

But Wilders retorted that he was standing up against "the liars and the legislators" and urged Dutch voters "if you want to take the Netherlands back for ourselves, then chase this man away and put me in the prime minister's office".

This can still happen and we will only get to know when the results are out. "Remember the United States elections?" the Prime Minister told reporters in Rotterdam.