'The Walking Dead' recap: Favorite characters return to their roots

'The Walking Dead' recap: Favorite characters return to their roots

Just before they arrive, Morgan stage whispers to Richard, asking if he's going to tell the King what he did, and Richard stage whispers back to shut the eff up, and the King is like, "What is UP with all the stage whispering?" . Carol is now ready to fight and Morgan was seen sharpening his staff.

Don't mistake Morgan's struggle with killing as complexity; it's actually pretty either/or and leaves James with two modes - "Don't mess with me because I don't want to kill!" or "Oh lord, I'm going to kill". "Well, there are losses.as the stakes get higher and higher. things start to get more intense and heartbreaking". The episode ends with Carol, Ezekiel and Henry - now left without any blood relatives - tending to the Kingdom's garden. I kept waiting for something insane to happen right there, but Morgan kept a lid on it for the moment. We need your support to keep our talented reporters, editors and photographers holding government accountable, looking out for the public interest, and separating fact from fiction.

The Kingdom goes to make its regular drop-off tribute to the Saviors, which apparently consists of a dozen melons.

What did he mean when he was talking to Carol (Melissa McBride) and he said, "I'm gonna kill 'em, one by one, out there, somewhere else?" . This is the first half of Morgan's breaking point, when he has flashbacks to his son's death and his murderous period of trying to "get clear". The scene where he leaves Carol's house after the death of Benjamin - who in some ways reminded him of his son, Duane - and experiences flashbacks to all the bad events in his life is very powerful and disturbing. ONCE AGAIN THIS MAKES NO SENSE, since they already had the Saviors trust until Richard started fucking shit up with his convoluted plans, and. Carol finds the walker she passed suddenly dead, Richard is seen digging and his conversation with Morgan provided heavy foreshadowing.

But this week, we saw the reemergence of Mad Morgan. Ironically, though, I think that's why so many have been annoyed with this season: Ever since Negan brained Glenn, we've been on a very slow boat to Revengeville. And hey, Richard gave his life for the cause after all, just like he wanted! "Bury Me Here" tells the story of how Carol comes back to fight, how King Ezekiel learned that war is inevitable, and how Morgan learns there's a time to kill.

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"The Walking Dead" season 7 episode 13 promises to be a good one for Rick and company as they just might get the answer they want from the seemingly tired leader of the Kingdom, Ezekiel, on "Bury Me Here". As you know, Sasha and Rosita will launch next week, on a suicide mission to eliminate once and for all this good old Negan.

Carol then decided enough was enough and turned to Ezekiel to let him know it was ready to join the fight with Rick and his people. He's the one who got Benjamin killed. "Walk home.if you even look at me, I'll kill you". Last night's episode of The Walking Dead written by Scott M. Gimple and directed by Alrick Riley contained several pivotal decisions made by some reluctant characters. Get the Saviors to kill someone Ezekiel has warmed to. Despite the shock factor of the moment when Morgan snaps and chokes the life out of Richard, as the Saviors and the Kingdomers all watch, stunned, it's the pair's chilling previous scene that really sticks in my memory.

And, yes, he had a good idea with his little stunt to get himself killed.

Just as Richard offers the melon to the Saviors, Morgan pounces on him and beats and strangles him to death in front of everyone. Ezekiel agrees, which is a long overdue conclusion on both their parts.