SAP will host its enterprise apps on Google Cloud

SAP will host its enterprise apps on Google Cloud

Kaggle was launched in 2010 and now has about half a million data scientists on its platform.

For SAP, the partnership will bring Google Cloud support for SAP Hana, SAP Cloud, and SAP data management tools, as well as Hana Express support for the Google Now Launcher service.

Tim Andrews, Dotmodus Director says the company has been a Google Partner for five years and is extremely proud of the recognition.

Google Next '17 Google Cloud is in a full-on push to build an ecosystem for itself with a fresh line of partnerships. The partnership revolves around SAP's in-memory database SAP HANA that the German firm will integrate into the Google Cloud Platform, the two parties revealed.

"Now, with an eye to the future, we are looking at the Google Cloud Platform".

According to Google, Kaggle is flawless for searching and analyzing public data sets, building models for machine learning and gaining more expertise in data science.

Google is now expanding those capabilities to videos, with the Cloud Video Intelligence API. As previously mentioned, this technology was only realized using still images prior, but with the help of a new API, developers will finally have the freedom to build applications that can allow users to search information in videos. The platform is known for offering cutting-edge business solutions to companies around the globe.

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The valuation of high growth companies is intrinsically hard and they are highly risky investments by their very nature. If you didn't understand Snap's potential it was because you were too old to get what young people saw in the platform.

Nearly all big companies building and providing cloud-computing capabilities are also working on a cognitive or AI component AWS, Microsoft and IBM.

Kaggle and Google Cloud will continue to support machine learning training and deployment services while offering the community the ability to store and query large datasets. A search for "tiger" for example would find all shots containing tigers across a video collection in Google Cloud Storage.

"What these businesses are learning, however, is that different workloads require different platforms across public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers", added Rhodes.

The company has committed to offering its trademarked "fanatical support" to customers who choose the Google Cloud Platform, much as it now offers "fanatical support" to Office 365 clients.

General pricing for Compute Engine will also drop, by 5 percent in the United States, 4.9 percent in Europe, and 8 percent in Tokyo, and the free tier trial has been extended from 60 days to one year, Google said.

Google Cloud's vice-president Diane Greene led the agenda on the opening day, along with CEO Sundar Pichai, Fei Fei Li, the chief scientist, cloud AI and ML, and Schmidt.