'The Walking Dead' S7 Ep 12 "Say Yes" [SPOILERS]

'The Walking Dead' S7 Ep 12

It was the best and easiest way for The Walking Dead to say to us, "Hey remember these two?" Michonne and Rick appear ready to have another battle for supplies but another character may very well one up them for attention. Meanwhile, Rosita is missing. Tara tells Rick about the isolated community of women she found earlier in the season.

Yvette Nicole Brown is thrilled that no one died in tonight's episode. But, "filler" doesn't have to mean an episode is bad or not worthwhile. The idea of Rosita and Sasha teaming up for a 2-person strike force is cool.

Usually, the way this plays out on The Walking Dead is through a set episode or a series of episodes that focus on the character and gives viewers a chance to really identify with him or her. Abraham got that with his storyline that featured him courting Sasha. Everyone was in crisis mode, so seeing them away from the settlements and able to enjoy themselves is a nice change.

Things are about to get insane, I can feel it. I actually kinda liked his speech this time-it seemed, for a moment, like he wasn't a total craven whose two action modes are "total coward", and "seems like a total coward, but may have a plan of some sort". It's left up to our imagination, but whatever occurred at that carnival involved the expenditure of many rounds of ammunition and has left the place crawling with zombies - civilians, soldiers with their guns still strapped to their bodies, walkers who have their hands tied together. Gone but never forgotten! A few things about these conversations struck me about their relationship with one another.

Twitter was abuzz as the sparks began to fly between the two lovebirds, though not much else happened for a large duration of the episode.

AMC has also provided an exclusive sneak peek at episode 12 featuring Rick and Michonne out on the hunt for guns, so they can be armed and unsafe for their upcoming war with Negan and the Saviors. He felt comfortable enough to take some risks. "It's not about us any more". Her logic for not telling Rick and the others about the community immediately was actually fairly sound, if a bit aggravating. (Oh wait, Dr. Oatmeal was also on this show...) I'm glad she's finally getting the Seasiders involved, but man, it is painful to suffer through her scenes. Michonne is a more visionary leader than he has ever been; Carol continues to be a wellspring for delicate, if occasionally frustrating, character development; Sasha, Maggie, and Rosita basically have this season's inner turmoil on lock. She also turned her relentless survivor's guilt on Gabriel, attempting to blame him for her own dumb decisions.

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With so many fans expecting Sasha to meet her end before Season 7 comes to a close, the writers might have a trick up their sleeve in which they can swap the death.

How will Rosita react when she finds out that Eugene "is Negan" since arriving at the Sanctuary? She was kebobing several heads at once, while Ricky Dicky Grimes pulled one out of the windshield. - I can tell you that a key to a successful relationship is having a good time with your partner. "We're gonna lose people". This mission you're giving yourselves isn't brave-it's selfish. I find it odd too.

For those mere moments, which seemingly last an eternity, when we secretly know (or at least assume and hope) that the zombies are attacking the deer, but we are led to believe Rick has met his demise, our hearts were racing.

Well, at least there were some amusing moments. The way Rick and Michonne put barricades between them and the horde is clever, and staging it in a deserted carnival just turns the creepy factor up to 11 or 12, depending on your fear of clowns.

Looking back on my opinion of the last few episodes I came to a startling discovery.

- You guys really should've seen that roof collapse after. In fact, this whole episode, he's reluctant to go back home so quickly.