Trump says he's open to legal path for unauthorized immigrants

Trump says he's open to legal path for unauthorized immigrants

President Donald Trump on Tuesday reaffirmed support for the United States' longstanding security alliances around the world but insisted that friends and partners from Europe to the Middle East to the Pacific must "pay their fair share of the cost". There was no hateful language used. He has also put in place a ban on travel to the USA from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Even if Trump's policies displease world leaders, at least he isn't walking into a room with world leaders throwing around derogatory statements about their countries.

"In addition to laying out the concrete steps the president has already taken to make the American dream possible for all of our people, he will talk about the bold agenda he wants to work with Congress", Spicer said.

On one hand, this shows the sad state of politics.

True, Trump restrained himself from punching out a Democrat, and he didn't use phases like "American carnage".

From Benjy Sarlin: "When it came to immigration, President Donald Trump's speech to Congress on Tuesday night was more notable for what it left out than for what it included. Four officials told The Associated Press that the decision followed pressure from the Pentagon and State Department, which had urged the White House to reconsider Iraq's inclusion on the list given its key role in fighting the Islamic State group".

Some Republicans, including Rep. Tom Cole R-Okla., had called for Trump to lay out specific ideas in a New York Times commentary article in order to help break Congress' gridlock on issues like replacing Obamacare. Nonetheless, Trump's speech has been fairly well-received.

"The DACA situation is a very, very - it's a very hard thing for me because, you know, I love these kids, I love kids, I have kids and grandkids".

'Dreamer' detained by ICE to be deported without hearing
The County is one of 37 law enforcement agencies nationally that works with ICE when they come across people here illegally. ICE asked Vargas if she was a DACA recipient and because she told them that she was, they didn't detain her at the time .

In this case, Trump was remarkably successful in distracting the media-not to mention Democrats-from the substance of his program: for example, a series of policies aimed at marginalizing and scapegoating the most vulnerable in US society. "No, I don't think it's been - maybe it's my fault". I'm also not entirely sure Trump's VOICE is headed in the right direction. Similarly, he called for new policy on child-care accessibility and family leave, as well as expanding drug "treatment for those who have become so badly addicted".

Even though the Senate is very partisan these days, Trump should be able to capitalize on one advantage. Politicians are not the most trustworthy people, after all.

Trump has expressed a willingness to ease his stance before.

Where tax reform is his, Obamacare is on Congress, Trump seemed to be saying. We had a rough election and a turbulent first month in his presidency.

Republican strategist Ford O'Connell points to a particular moment of "optimism and compassion" in Tuesday's speech: "Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed".

Don't get me wrong. We should all be listening carefully before applauding this administration.

That publication, which is more than 300,000 words, did not put a price on the U.S. immigration policy but said: "On average, [immigrant] individuals in the first generation are more costly to governments, mainly at the state and local levels, than are the native-born generations; however, immigrants' children - the second generation - are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the population".