Goldberg becomes world champion for first time in 14 years

Goldberg becomes world champion for first time in 14 years

WWE has lined up a Seth Rollins segment for Monday Night Raw where they will take a closer look at the rehabilitation process that Seth has been going through.

With WrestleMania on the horizon, we should expect to see some major developments at Fastlane.

With his Superkicks, Swann knocked out Noam Dar and Kendrick which was followed by snap German suplex by Tozawa to clear down the ring. Sasha Banks ran to the ring towards the end of the match, distracting Charlotte and even notifying the ref when the challenger tried to land a pinfall by grabbing Bayley's tights. The world class fighter seems to begin his second innings in WWE with a big blast this time. Perhaps they can capture the titles at WrestleMania, where the big-time faces could elicit a huge pop from the crowd in Orlando, Florida, where they first gained popularity with NXT. Though others are enjoying the cruiserweight division, for me, he's the only entertaining part of it right now.

Rock did call Punk, left him a voicemail, and he upset WWE management with his actions.

WWE Fastlane 2017 will also feature the pay-per-view debut of Raw's latest acquisition, Samoa Joe, who will lock horns with Sami Zayn. Needless to say, the next four weeks will be filled with Brock/Goldberg drama as the company tries desperately to get people to care about this upcoming match.

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That doesn't mean that Bayley has to lose her championship, though.

Even though he was the longest reigning WWE Universal champion in history, his title reign wasn't very good.

Neville will get no rest, however, with Rich Swann - the man he beat at the Royal Rumble in January to earn the strap - informing the Newcastle-born star that he will defend his title against him on Raw.

Crusher Hansen defeated Brandon K and Beastman defeated Christian Black in the top matches. Less than two minutes and he is the Universal champ and will be headlining WrestleMania 33 against Lesnar, who is also a part-timer. If Undertaker interferes in this match, Strowman will walk out victorious. Okay, some of it fell flat and several matches were much shorter than they deserved, but going into the show it felt big, exciting and like Mania. A few seconds and a jackhammer later, Goldberg is the new Universal Champion. Whether Jericho played a role in Owens' loss is irrelevant, but it would advance the rivalry.

After the show came to an end, Goldberg featured in a photo shoot with the title in his hand. He needs to look like the dominating heel that he has been since arriving on Raw.