The GOP's wrong answers on health care

The GOP's wrong answers on health care

As of yet, there has been no clear replacement plan announced, causing many San Luis Obispo residents, college students and faculty to be fearful that they will be left with no health care insurance.

And there's another complication: Trump's proposal appears unlikely to pass Congress unless Democrats co-operate.

It's entirely understandable that Trump failed to deliver anything special Tuesday night - this issue is complicated, as a wise man once said - and the president and Congress shouldn't feel obligated to sort out the future of US health care in the space of a few months.

But in July 2013, she launched the company, knowing that the ACA would be offering insurance coverage to individuals five months later and that her pre-existing condition - Hodgkin - couldn't be held against her when she applied. That's why insurance companies will deny coverage to sick people and pharmaceutical corporations will price gouge if we let them.

A lot of talk about repeal, replace and how much it costs.

Republican Senator Rob Portman is holding his ground, saying the ACA does not work for the people of OH and needs replaced. We need to get the cost down.

This year, new administrators at key federal agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, will provide immediate relief by lifting numerous most onerous Obamacare regulations.

The individual mandate and premium subsidies. It would help people if they want to move to another state or job if they know that there would be no difference in their insurance if they moved.

As GOP leaders work to repeal the health law, it remains unclear whether those with pre-existing conditions - like Boyd's cancer - will remain protected.

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Republicans have long sought to rescind the 2010 Obama law, saying its mandatory requirement to buy insurance is an unwarranted intrusion by the national government on personal rights, something Trump said "was never the right solution for our country". Those who earned less than $65,000 a year were the most likely to rely on the ACA exchanges for coverage. And with a president and congress that hopes to undo the ACA, Kansas could add its residents to the numbers of people who would be adversely affected by the laws' dismantling, augmenting the argument that many states and people stand to lose if the law is dismantled and not replaced with some form of health coverage.

About half of Americans have medical insurance through their employers, another third are covered through government programs for senior citizens and poorer people, while the rest have been buying policies under Obamacare or are uninsured.

Beshear shouldn't be telling Republicans to keep Obamacare.

Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), would allow states the choice of staying with Obamacare or auto-enrolling consumers on high-deductible health plans financed by health savings accounts. Thirty-one states, including OR, have expanded their Medicaid populations under Affordable Care Act provisions - putting stress on the program in the eyes of some, but also granting health benefits to millions more Americans.

Why is it so hard to come up with a replacement plan for Obamacare?

What many fear is also on the chopping block is a whole slew of other health care regulations that would directly affect children.

Q: Will the Republican plans make health insurance more affordable?

American health care is at a crossroads. If you don't ideologically believe that the federal government should have a heavy hand in health care, you aren't going to like Obamacare, and can point to rising costs as a prime example for less government intervention.

Michael Meulemans is a Monona-based health insurance consultant.