Logan Tops the Box Office with a New March Record

Logan Tops the Box Office with a New March Record

Bloody and bleak, tossing F-bombs and the franchise's first flash of nudity, "Logan" is not like the other X-Men. The second X-Men movie delivered an impressive $85.6 million start in 2003. Fans of the Old Man Logan comic books have speculated that Logan dies in the movie.

The movie took in an estimated $85.3 million, according to Exhibitor Relations, setting the record for the biggest-ever R-rated opening weekend at the box office in March. But more importantly, it's the most flawless, emotionally resonant possible send-off to Hugh Jackman in his final performance as the titular character.

"Logan" star Hugh Jackman is an Australian and as noted by The Times of India, an avid cricket fan.

Patrick Stewart has a sweet ride in Logan - costar Hugh Jackman's muscular arms. There's also another set of more aggressive trackers out there who firmly believe Logan is destined to make $80M-plus.

Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for 17 years over the nine movies of X-Men franchise. In fact, the final hour contains so many unintentionally laughable beats, anyone claiming Logan's greatness has to be wearing Wolverine Underoos.

Of course, it can.

UFC 209 Woodley vs. Thompson 2
The fourth round saw little output by either fighter. "It's easy to sit in your seats and drink beer and popcorn". With his back to the cage, Woodley remained patient as he deflected Thompson's kicks away.

Mangold also suggested that a contributing factor was to make sure that nobody would question their assurance that this would be the last one for Jackman.

As a bonus, director James Mangold, who is well versed with Westerns (he made the excellent 3:10 to Yuma) incorporates his love for the genre right into the heart of the film. So why not the X-Men? "There's a cost to violence", Jackman told journalists at a screening in NY. Once those adamantium claws pop out you are in for a treat.

We've known for awhile that Logan was going to be the last ride for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. It is an emotional, heavy picture, but it's also an uplifting one that reminds us that it's okay to fight for something better than ourselves.

"Logan" relies on themes of redemption - a superhero's favorite.

But it wasn't until Marvel's own "Deadpool" came along that an R-rated superhero movie did extremely well in the box office worldwide. Well, he didn't end up in Logan, ultimately, but there was a plan in the works at one point to have him arrive for a few scenes towards the middle of the movie.