The pros and JoyCons of a week with Nintendo Switch

The pros and JoyCons of a week with Nintendo Switch

Stardew Valley will launch this summer, with Switch being the first console to support the game's new multiplayer feature.

The console is £280, which is par for the course for a new games machine these days, and games cost an extra £40 to £60 a pop - again, industry standard really. And while the company is clearly counting on it to revive Nintendo's standing in wake of the Wii U's poor performance, it's far from certain if Switch will lure back publishing partners. But with Nintendo Switch, you can take that multiplayer fun to them, wherever they are, due to the portability of the system. Every button on each JoyCon is used in Zelda, not including optional inputs you can use at your discretion, like the Home Button and a capture screen to take in-game photos.

But with various outlets now publishing reviews of the Switch, it's impossible to ascertain exactly how its online features will work, as reviewers have yet to try them out.

Sure, it's obvious, but given that we've achieved almost three hours of Zelda play on a mid-brightness level, would you be able to squeeze out one extra Shrine if you were playing it with a slightly dimmer screen?

First impressions aside, the big question now is what the availability will look like at launch? The Nintendo Switch is a $300 tablet console with removable controllers that connects to a dock that lets you play games on television screens. It's easy to forget you're even holding one as you dance, and the improved motion control tech is evident as you work your way through the more hard numbers.

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Since the Nintendo Switch was unveiled, we haven't seen the menu except for a glimpse here and there. It is an ideal game to play while one is on the move, and can be played in spurts as opposed to requiring long hours on end to complete a particular quest.

Nintendo bolsters the Switch launch window with a wide and varied range of indie releases. A free three-months worth of the subscription is included with each physical copy (digital availability unknown since the eShop isn't open prior to Switch console launch).

Other non-exclusives include the highly-anticipated Banjo-Kazooie spiritual sequel Yooka-Laylee from Team 17, who are also bringing The Escapists 2 to Switch later this year, after the well-deserved success of the original. Plugging both into the included grip to play on TV doesn't feel particularly satisfying, particularly when compared to the Xbox One's phenomenal controller.

These party game are when the controllers and the console's portability come into their element.

The Wii U, Nintendo's most recent console, failed to impress a large audience and sold only 13 million units.