Nintendo Switch Projected To Sell 5 Million Units In 2017

Nintendo Switch Projected To Sell 5 Million Units In 2017

And while the 3DS family of handhelds continued to perform well, fans were eager to see if Nintendo could provide a system more acclimated to traditional console gaming. And if people fork out £279.99 for a device with a hugely limited catalogue, they're going to be left with a sour taste in their mouths for months to come. John Cena is 16 times WWE Champion and a true Nintendo Switch enthusiast who spent a lot of time playing games on Nintendo's NES. According to the post, the user said there is a weird way to make it work seamlessly on most Windows PC games and it also worked flawlessly on Steam's Big Picture mode.

We've been getting a pretty steady stream of footage, news and other tidbits of information about the highly anticipated Yooka-Laylee for quite some time, and today's stream gave us another glimpse of the colorful title.

Fortunately, there's no sign that any other countries or retailers have been affected, so everyone else should be able to breathe easy.

This makes flawless sense, and it is most likely that the Nintendo Switch would end up being a game-friendly tablet when it is in portable mode.

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What do you think about the G6? As always, now that tweet has been deleted and you can access it via tweet archive sites. As rumored, there's no modular design on the LG G6 , but the company has done an wonderful job with the design language.

And if you're not, at least you know to look to your British gaming friends for sympathy. Later on, Cena shared his thoughts about the upcoming Nintendo Switch in an Interview with Sports Illustrated. It doesn't appear that you can wake the Switch using either Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller, which sounds like a major first-world problem, but it doesn't seem like it would have been that hard to implement. When playing Just Dance, holding the controllers in hand, they felt more accurate than the Wii controllers ever did, leading to a thoroughly un-frustrating time. There's a drab collection of multiplayer mini-games, packaged as "1-2-Switch". It doesn't even take up that much more space in your sack to bring the dock along so you can plug it into a TV.

Cena recently visited Saint Clarita, California as part of the Nintendo Switch Promotion tour.

Nintendo Switch releases in just a few days, and it will be interesting to see how these Nindies affect sales. Nintendo has a long and storied history of shipping underpowered platforms with some unusual twist that are buoyed by the fact that they're the only place to play Nintendo's first-party titles, long after their core gimmick has faded.