'The Walking Dead': Has Eugene really joined the Saviors?

'The Walking Dead': Has Eugene really joined the Saviors?

Negan is understandably thrilled with Eugene's innovation, and gleefully asks "Did Rick have you doing this kind of valuable stuff for him?" But is he just blending in and getting ready to strike from the inside in order to defeat Negan? Not much. It felt like a whole lot of talking and reflecting this week for little return since I'm not that interested in Dwight as a character that I think the writers want me rooting for his possible redemption. He noted that it's always amusing when people get mad at Eugene for being a coward-because if most of us were honest with ourselves, we'd admit that we would probably be cowards, too. Checks the fridge. There is food and beer. Later, a handwriting comparison confirms that Sherry wrote the note to Daryl, along with a pretty heartbreaking goodbye letter to Dwight. It's clear that Eugene hasn't enjoyed the company of too many women in his day, and it's hilariously uncertain if he treats them to a night of thirty-year-old video games because he genuinely wants to or because he's trying to avoid being tempted by forbidden fruit. Why would he want to leave?

He was the same pathetic man who has been present on the hit AMC series since Season 4.

You remember. Eugene turned the tide against Dwight and his Savior boys by biting Dwight in the crotch and setting off a melee that ended in a Savior retreat. However, as we all found out, there was no end or cure, Eugene just wanted Abraham's protection.

Best new character: The Grimbly-Gunk.

That's something viewers will have to contend with over coming episodes - and something even McDermitt's not sure about at this point. "I am Negan", Eugene quickly said.

However, the boss man warned the new addition to the team that there would be zero sexual activity between him and the wives. Something that Negan doesn't offer just anyone. But it never really lost the throne and now, it has expanded its lead over its closest challengers.

It's interesting just how heavily the show is focusing on the theme of clan rivalry and inevitable destruction over the past few episodes. He's better described as a coward confident in his skills and place in the world.His jump from Macgruber-like inventor to nasty Negan sympathizer is a well-paced transformation.

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The strangest alliance to come out of this episode has to be the bond between Eugene and Dwight. They claim it's for Amber, the blonde wife from last season who made the mistake of "cheating on Negan" with her boyfriend - but Eugene sees right through their story.

Could It Be an Act?

In their hunt to find supplies for new recruit, Jadis (played by Pollyanna McIntosh), Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) find themselves surrounded by walkers. His experience is completely different from Daryl's. Unlike Daryl, Eugene is all too quick to declare himself as "Negan" like the other members of the group do so readily. But is he for real?

Negan seems to buy all of this.

If Eugene is willing to lie for the survival of the common person in the Sanctuary, there might be some good left inside of him, after all.

In any event, if you're all caught up on The Walking Dead and need to get your fix in before episode 12 airs next week, feast your eyes upon these two trailers below.