A Gallery of Andi Dorfman's Best Instagram Photos of the Past Year

A Gallery of Andi Dorfman's Best Instagram Photos of the Past Year

Corinne Olympios is a strong force in "The Bachelor" 2017.

"Not sleeping with the women might help me get to that point, so I quite honestly don't know how I'm going to approach this", Nick said, as he led Raven into the fantasy suite.

Editor's note: Waukesha native Nick Viall is searching for love during his fourth appearance on a "Bachelor"-franchise show".

This season's "The Bachelor" is packed with twists and turns that made this installment probably one of the best so far. It sounds as if Vanessa's will be shown last, and there are some obstacles for Viall and Grimaldi to work through on this one as well. Even Fifth Harmony is down to four members now! Raven tells Nick that she came into the Bachelor process as a skeptic.

"Lost for words?" Raven said after telling that to Nick. We need something to convince us that Raven's still got a chance, and this week was time to do it. Anyway, this episode was more or less a reminder of why shows like UnREAL exist, and also why sometimes The Bachelor loses some of their human element. It was clear that Raven had a good day all around!

The Bachelor's schedule is getting a little shaken up the next two weeks, with the upcoming ninth episode split in two.

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"I'm done", she concluded before delivering the most Corinne line possible: "I want to go to sleep". She is putting a lot of pressure on his bedroom skills, though, so maybe he'll quit before he even tries so he doesn't let her down. Or she just wanted Nick to take off his aggressive turtle neck sweater. Andi is also a beloved member of Bachelor Nation, and we always like seeing her around, so we were very happy she chose to show up.

Nick and Andi make amends for hurting each other in the past, and now, with her blessing, he goes forth to eliminate some women and she goes back to, um, doing something else. Did they take things to the next level? Raven clearly let her guard down in Finland by professing her love to him, and revealing these details about her personal life.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight reported that John Mayer confessed on The Ellen DeGeneres show that he's a Bachelor Nation fan. At least Rachel got something out of this season and before you know it, she will be the one choosing the man of her dreams! Speaking of Corinne, she is wearing an outfit that can only be described as "what Samantha Jones would for sure be wearing". And Vanessa's dad initially refused to give Nick his blessing for a proposal, though he eventually came around.

'Andi is the last person I thought I'd ever see, ' explained the Wisconsin born Bachelor before catching up with his former flame. It's time for someone to support her!

Nick then went to see Rachel Lindsay's hometown on The Bachelor Season 21. Adding that "I was kind of skeptical that it would happen that fast, but it did". She wished him luck, got into her limo and turned away from him.