House GOP Finally Puts Obamacare Repeal Plan on Paper

House GOP Finally Puts Obamacare Repeal Plan on Paper

According to the Post, House Republicans plan to roll out legislation in the coming weeks that will replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act with a new system involving tax credits, health savings accounts and high risk pools.

Around the same time, TPM's Sahil Kapur compiled a list of 20 times GOP leaders promised their own Obamacare replacement plans.

The mandate just brings everyone to the table to pay for the guaranteed care they already have.

He contends that people will still have the option of buying insurance, but that the government won't be in the business of "trying to legislate responsibility".

They are calling congressional offices and showing up at their representatives' town hall meetings with angst-filled stories about a pre-ACA world in which they couldn't get individual health plans because of their medical histories. People who have a lapse in coverage could face increases in premiums as high as 30 percent for the first year after they re-enroll.

When he called his insurance company, he said it wouldn't switch him to another plan.

"I think people don't understand that the ACA gives benefits to so many", said Fernandez, who purchased insurance through the Obamacare marketplace after she lost her job in July. "All those things might not be as available if the ACA is rolled back and if Medicaid is changed in some of the ways that they're talking about".

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However, even if students covered under Affordable Care Act lose their insurance, Barreira said their care at Harvard would likely not change.

Diagnosed with cancer 14 years ago, Winters said she was able to afford expensive but lifesaving medicine due to her insurance.

Conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the national poll contacted a sampling of more than 1,000 people in mid-February to gauge their views on ACA, or "Obamacare", and its Medicaid expansion provisions.

Republicans do make clear that they want to eliminate Obamacare's direct subsidies created to help the working poor afford insurance.

However, the resolution has reportedly been hampered by disagreement about the best way to proceed.

Speakers, including former state Sen.

-Be paid for by limiting tax breaks on health plans people get at work (ala the Obamacare "Cadillac tax" that Republicans have fought to repeal).