AMD announces Australian Ryzen pricing

AMD announces Australian Ryzen pricing

AMD shares some specs and pricing below.

For a while now, Intel has been selling better-performing chips than AMD's, albeit often more expensive. The OBS encoding is set to use the CPU, with the x264 codec and a 3500kbps bitrate-a common setting for popular streamers, as the CPU tends to have higher quality at lower bitrates compared to fixed function encoding like Intel's Quick Sync, Nvidia's NVENC, or AMD's VCE. Furthermore, brands expected to release motherboards with AMD technology (X370 and B350 Ryzen processors) will include ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI.

For years, AMD has talked about a 40% IPC uplift for its chips compared with Excavator. If anything, it might be somewhat conservative. Intel should look out, as these chips, in some situations, can outperform its Core i7 processors! The 1800X works with a base clock at 3.6Ghz, and a boost clock speed at 4.0Ghz. Given these figures, it becomes clear why analysts and fans are touting Ryzen as the precursor of AMD's return to market leader.

The launch event included several real-world demos pitting these new processors against comparable parts from Intel's range of CPUs, including their latest "Kaby Lake" processors. showing comparable and even better performance scores.

However, experts have reserved their judgment about the prospects of the new Ryzen chips till they have been tested independently and in demanding scenarios such as gaming. The final part for the launch is the Ryzen 7 1700, providing eight cores and sixteen threads for $329 at 3.0/3.7 GHz frequencies. The rated TDP for the chip is 95W. Keep that figure in mind, it'll be important in a few minutes. The 1800X alone comes with a base clockspeed of 3.6GHz and a boost clockspeed of 4.0GHz.

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AMD's Ryzen desktop processors are finally here, and they're poised to go directly into battle with Intel.

Single-threaded performance, meanwhile, is also quite strong. But the clock speed gap between the two cores at maximum turbo is just 8%. The 1800x beat its closest competitor-the Intel Core i7 6900k-on the industry-standard Cinebench performance benchmark and Handbrake encoding tests that AMD performed. Gamers and PC enthusiasts are ow waiting for Intel to respond to AMD Ryzen. This processor will retail for $329 and will give a fierce competition to Core i7-7700K which costs $350.

Ryzen's midrange CPU, the Ryzen 1700X, is being marketed against the i7-6800K, but, once again, the Ryzen model is less expensive. All of them seem to have beaten the i7 Quad-core CPU, but marginally so. And before you shrug this off saying that you've seen 8-core desktop CPUs before, note that this is a true 8-core chip, unlike the hash job that was AMD's Bulldozer microarchitecture. The results in well-threaded software weren't particularly kind to Chipzilla. The computer processor market has stagnated in the last five years.

AMD had these goals from the outset, but it's good to know that this has been achieved.

Ryzen CPUs are available for pre-order as of right now and the launch is on 2nd March 2017.