'The Bachelor' - Nick and Raven "Get Down and Dirty" In Swamp

'The Bachelor' - Nick and Raven

I think this was a very exciting date for Nick, who got to experience some new things and got to address some really interesting topics with Rachel and her family.

Raven and Nick got down and dirty in Hoxie, Arkansas, during Season 21, episode 8, of "The Bachelor". Raven says, "My feelings are just getting stronger and stronger".

It turns out she already has a white brother-in-law, so his presence is not all that new, even if neither Nick nor Rachel has crossed race lines much in their respective pasts.

So, Nick and Raven start ascending the grain bin staircase when a police auto pulls up, siren blaring. We'll see what she has to say before the rose ceremony, where Nick will presumably send one woman home and take the remaining three into fantasy suite week.

Carter Matt reports that Rachel and Nick are going back to Dallas in the next episode. On Monday night's episode, Nick met a lot of parents, went on dates with Vanessa, Rachel, Corinne, and Raven, and, even though these are obviously pretty awesome women, he has to say goodbye to at least one of them.

From there he jetted to Dallas, Texas, where Rachel L. took him to church - literally. You and me both, Nick. I know these ladies aren't rocket scientists, but this show is also not rocket science. Get ready for some major retail therapy with Corinne, who is on a first-name basis with every designer boutique employee at Bal Harbour. So she will take Nick to her predominately black church to see if he's OK with going to a church he isn't used to. Vanessa is happy as a special education teacher in Canada, while Nick has aspirations of becoming a model and an actor in L.A. Only time will tell how far the pair make it!

Establishing shot of the ocean - we're in Miami for Corinne's date. As they overlook the city skyline from across the river in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Nick takes a stroll through his past heartbreak. The officer pretends to not notice the camera crew and tries to freak Nick out as if he was trespassing on private property.

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Nick asks for Dad's blessing, but first the patriarch wants to know if Nick has sought blessings from other parents.

Corinne introduces Nick to her parents, and her infamous nanny Raquel.

Vanessa's Hometown Date: Nick makes it through Canadian customs to greet Vanessa in Montreal. The tears are flowing as they discuss his ability to walk his little girl down the aisle, whether it ends up being Nick or anyone else. Next, they head to Vanessa's dad's house and Nick doesn't wait long at all before asking him for his blessing to propose.

Everyone is concerned about the fact that Nick has only gone on dates, but not actually had a full-out relationship, with a black woman before. Could she be back to compete for his heart?

When they visit her family, Raven's mom reveals that her dad is cancer-free. Instead Nick was treated to a four-figure shopping spree at "one of the most exclusive malls in Miami".

It's The Bachelor final four. The final one-on-one date goes to a lovely small-town bachelorette. Nick's ex Andi Dorfman will show up! Nick Viall's final rose ceremony is right around the corner and people are anxious to see how the rest of Season 21 plays out. Nick, the software salesman from Wisconsin, was a runner-up on Andi Dorman's season, and lost out to Josh Murray. His main concern is that whatever Nick does after The Bachelor makes enough money to support Corinne's extravagant lifestyle.