Watch The Walking Dead season 7, episode 10 online and on Amazon

Watch The Walking Dead season 7, episode 10 online and on Amazon

But instead of freaking out, The Walking Dead hero actually smiled. Over the course of seven seasons, Carol has transformed from an oppressed housewife into the most badass warrior on primetime #TV. Is there anything she can't do? If I didn't believe that finding out she was lied to will ultimately do just as much damage, I would think that the way Daryl and Morgan want to help Carol in her journey to find peace was sweet.

As the episode begins, Ezekiel and the Kingdom crew are meeting with the Saviors again.

When he asked why she left them, Carol insisted: 'Had to...

A teaser for next week's episode also showed the return of Negan - and the promise of more bloodshed. And since Carol's sudden turn from hardened warrior woman who does what needs to be done for the sake of her people to emotionally ruined, grieving mom-type who just can't handle having to kill anymore was handled so poorly a year ago, I was more than ready for she and Daryl - again, a historically very reliable pairing - to team up and right last season's wrongs with a dynamic reunion this week. And fans are excited about Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) reuniting in TWD ep "New Best Friends".

'We're going to hit them with the guns first, and then the Molotov - and then back to the guns until their dead, ' Richard told Daryl as he took him out to a spot on the roadside where they knew the Saviors would travel.

- Will Tara give up the info on the women's colony willing or will her hand be forced somehow? But she loses her composure upon seeing Daryl and hugs him until he whimpers for her to let him go. I just feel like she's going to be deeply unimpressed by him, and it's going to be glorious. Daryl quickly ends this misapprehension, making it clear (with his fists) that Carol is off-limits. She could handle the truth.

Daryl, surprisingly, lies to Carol when she asks if the Saviors killed any of their people. There is something to leaving Daryl single and romantically unattached; it makes him akin to a unicorn in a world where they are now many romantic pairings.

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But The Spoiling Dead Fans Army has more detailed spoilers about "New Best Friends".

"I had to", was all she replied. Before auditioning, she was told that the casting call for Jadis "was going out to both sexes, and that really thrilled me", she exclaims. "I couldn't kill them". She would take it in stride, step up, easily be a huge asset on their side...but it would destroy her. But she wants assurance that Rick can be trusted, and what better way to test someone's mettle than to throw them into your junkyard coliseum to fight a zombie covered head to toe in spikes?

When you have to bake some cookies but all you want to do is kill your enemies.

There is also that fallback theory that many fans of The Walking Dead have already jumped to, which is that Father Gabriel has reverted back to his old ways and took all of the food from Alexandria to hoard it for himself following his abrupt and mysterious departure. Negan had better start getting ready to look at the flowers once Carol swings back into action.

Here's to the start of a new friendship and the beginning of a war that hopefully ends with Negan on the receiving end of a blow from Lucille. The war is on, but Negan is going to be an ever-present, constant threat that is going to change everything going forward.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. There was a brief moment between them where you thought that the goodbye could bleed into something more, and he could decide not to leave the cabin at all for the night.