Trump praises DeVos, pledges to expand school choice

Trump praises DeVos, pledges to expand school choice

The web page for the Individuals with Disabilities Act - created to empower and assist students with disabilities and their families - disappeared without explanation last week, right before the tie-breaker confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education.

DeVos has had a rough start in the top Education Department job, with liberal ctivists physically blocking her from a Washington, D.C. public school on Friday as she made her first visit. The reason traditional public schools remain inferior is because they and their administrators are not held accountable as they are in charter schools or private schools.

Some on social media noted that although the president specifically referenced African-American students in his remarks, there did not appear to be any African-Americans on the panel of parents and teachers that spoke to DeVos and Trump. "Despite this, I received an unbelievable education that prepared me for college and beyond", said Schultz. "But the conversation is changing".

"There isn't a lot that limits us from doing what they want for their kids", he said. The Education Committee is really disappointed in this appointment.

The problem is that when the US Department of Education (ED) does this, it looks pretty bad. "In a way, we act more like charter schools than we think".

In each of these roles, DeVos championed the importance of school choice. Why they did so becomes clear upon examining campaign contribution records - Devos and her family have donated over $17,000 to Thune and $46,800 to Rounds.

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Students should not be taught religious dogma (creationism) disguised as science with taxpayers' money.

"Education must not simply teach work- it must teach life - W.E.B. I understand that not every parent wants that choice and that's OK, and that's why it's important for there to be a myriad of choices for us". "I think we can keep a locally relevant curriculum, which is sort of the "how, ' and still teach the Common Core, which is the 'what" in this equation".

The privatization will manifest as an expansion of charter schools with fewer and less strict regulations, said Martha Carey, an education professor. Her charity, The American Federation of Children, favors both waivers and scholarships which allow companies to offset tax liability by funding students to attend private schools.

"Millions of poor disadvantaged students are trapped in failing schools.", Trump said according to a pool report. With Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, if Bevin were to propose charter schools it would nearly seem inevitable for Kentucky to embrace them.

Therefore, we must demand an equal distribution of funds in our public school system.

"The fact that someone with no experience in public education other than working to subvert it is now going to be responsible for overseeing the education of our nation's children is truly distressing", he said.