IPhone 8 to have separate wireless charging accessory, ditch 3.5mm adapter

IPhone 8 to have separate wireless charging accessory, ditch 3.5mm adapter

Apparently wireless charging according to MacRumors, increases the internal temperature of smartphones, so accordingly it is expected that the rumored iPhone 8 with an OLED display and glass casing it could be particularly prone to overheating if charged wirelessly.

The report adds that Apple will not include the wireless charging support (in the form of an inductive charging mat) in the box, but that users will have to buy it separately. This could also be taken as an homage to previous versions of the iPhone that will be represented on the Anniversary Edition of the iPhone.

According to CNN, Apple shares are soaring from the new iPhone hype. Samsung Display, which injected a record high of 10 trillion won to ramp up OLED panel production last year, will need another mega investment this year to keep up with Apple and other clients' flooding demand.

It looks like Apple plans to get additional profits for the accessories, but fans will sure be furious over the company's greed. It has been reported that Apple has been working with Carl Zeiss on augmented reality glasses that may be used in conjunction with the iPhone. Now, Digitimes citing supply chain sources claims that iPhone 8 may feature iris-scanner technology.

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Forbes said that this year's iPhone launch could shape up to be the "most exciting" launch of Apple's history.

The iPhone 8 would be an expensive handset because of OLED display and memory. Luxshare, known for manufacturing the wireless charging tech behind the Apple Watch, could be the company behind the iPhone's wire-free push as well. With speculation calling for a price slightly north of $1,000, the Apple iPhone 8 still could be among the most coveted phones of 2017.

The home button will be relocated underneath the display surface, they said, giving the front of the device the appearance of "a smooth black monolith". But a new set of reports also suggest the device could represent a sea change in terms of how Apple prices and manufactures its latest flagship model. The rumor also claims that Apple isn't going to be bundling its Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, which we feel will result in severe consumer backlash if it ends up being true.