Here's the preview for next week's episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Here's the preview for next week's episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Now the stage is set for war, and we couldn't be more excited. Rick tries to get him to fight with them, but he fails.

King Ezekial is all wise and just and you take that back. If you needed any proof that Rick and Michonne were back on the same badass page, you needn't have looked any further than the highway scene in which they drove parallel with a wire strung between them to go "halfies" (as Chris Hardwick called it) on a herd of walkers.

Official answers will have to wait until the next episode, because "Rock in the Road" cut off on a cliffhanger without revealing who the people were or what they wanted.

'No, I'm just real sorry they're gone, ' he said.

Jesus has proven on several occasions that he's actually a good, trained fighter. During their search the Saviors discover the empty pantry, much to the surprise of Rick and company, who were unaware of Gabriel's antics during the night. Was he the same one from the beginning, and we just haven't seen him in a while?

Jesus has a solution for both. Even the flamboyant residents of Ezekiel's kingdom seem to sense Gregory's weakness, making them key allies for the coming battle with Negan's army. They won't find him because he's in the Kingdom safe.

Die-hard TWD fans already know which characters were created for the AMC series only and which are popular comic book characters, but how much do you know about them?

"If we strike first, together, we can beat them". Gabriel wasn't there when they arrived, but a whole new colony of people (my guess would be Oceanside, or some escaped former Saviors) were waiting for them, armed with a crap ton of assault weapons.

'Are you going to say you were right?' Rosita asked Morgan.

"A little girl wondered why the rock was still there for it to hurt someone else". Naturally, Negan's the rock and the bag of gold is the reward for removing the destructor. Ezekiel tells Rick he'll think about his cause.

In the meantime he is curious why Benjamin carries extra food and water for people.

Michonne whispered to Rick: 'We're here.

"I have to worry about my people".

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Well, technically we did see Carol in this week's episode, but she's still on the lam and apparently still not interested in reclaiming her throne as the baddest suburban walker-slasher in the dystopian world. We'll see treachery from people we trust.

Rick leaves Daryl behind, like a sad, sad, puppy. We saw him pummel Rick and take out Daryl back in Season 6, but the fire at the Hilltop earlier in Season 7 was the flawless opportunity for the character to showcase his unique set of skills. Being desperately low on weapons, our heroes disarm the trap and start carefully loading the dynamite into their vehicle.

More: Bring It, Negan! . Members of Hilltop, however, are more inclined to help, though Rick admits they'll need more numbers if they're to stand a chance.

Error! There was an error processing your request. Somehow she has knowledge of explosives.

"We made it, we can make it, we can". We can. We're the ones that will live'.

Morgan let's Rick know what happened with Carol.

They rummage through Alexandria looking for Daryl, but to no avail. Rosita and some of the others assume that Gabriel just betrayed them and left, but Rick isn't so convinced.

"Thank you for the cooperation". (Alas, something tells me our poor man's Gerard Butler will not survive this war.) Zeke does a solid by giving Daryl asylum, which comes in handy when the Saviors realize he's missing and turn A-town upside down. She said that the show will be really riveting when "The Walking Dead" Season 7B returns in February.

Now, the question is, where is Gabriel? Negan isn't going to be taken down with good intentions and thoughtful speeches. Rick's found this note in [the supply log] that seems like it was a message from Gabriel, because Rick knows this guy.

According to her, Rick will be a lot smarter when dealing with Negan but he will not have everyone by his side. They're then surrounded by hundreds of survivors from a group we presumably haven't seen before.

While the others looked scared, Rick smiled.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.