The Bachelor: 5 Takeaways From Season 21, Episode 6

The Bachelor: 5 Takeaways From Season 21, Episode 6

Nick's season is no different. And as it does, we see Taylor making her way back to Nick and Corinne and interrupts what was surely riveting conversation before another torturous "to be continued..." ending.

So, does Vanessa win Nick's heart this season? But Nick is also clearly attracted to her beyond wanting to keep her around just to create drama. That's where the episode ended (duh) so we'll have to wait until next week to find out if swamp queen Taylor says enough to have previously swamp-date victor Corinne, exposed. Every Bachelor villain in the past has succumbed to the dreaded date and usually came out on the losing side - until Corinne came along. If this recap is tough to read, it's likely because, even after a good night's rest, I'm still recovering some brain cells lost during a certain two-hour period Monday night. She basically took the week off and actually benefited from it. Ha - I'm sorry Taylor, but Corrine is way more entertaining. "Next week, we'll see exactly what she has to say to Nick", he wrote, according to Yahoo! TV. Taylor can be heard saying that Corinne is a "manipulative bi-h".

"Rachel has been kind of a front-runner since day one", Nick said of the Dallas native, who received the first impression rose. The gorgeous 24-year-old model and business woman took to the beach in Sunny Isles, Florida to show off her wonderful bod, and we were definitely impressed!

"Oh wait a minute, she's a f-king idiot". Not surprisingly, Corinne seizes the one-on-one time with Nick to express to him how emotionally attacked she feels by Taylor. And boy did she take her down. But when Nick chose Corinne over Taylor on The Bachelor, Taylor relied on the power of a voodoo priestess to exact revenge.

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When Taylor gets her time in the woods with Nick, she's like, "Who me?" Reports say that the two rivals are Corinne and Taylor, so viewers should expect some fireworks to go off while the two are jostling for Nick's attention. "Soooo all you girls are wondering is Corinne actually batshit insane in real life?"

The Bachelor bad girl's "sex charm" might have been slightly off two weeks ago, but she's definitely got some voodoo power. "When you're a guy and a chick THAT HOT is into you like that, it's a HUGE turn on, I promise".

"Make Corinne great again", Corinne said during the date. Hopefully we'll see them on Bachelor in Paradise.

Writing on her blog All Things Ali Luvs, Fedotowsky admits that watching the episode "seriously made me uncomfortable". During last night's episode, Nick ultimately picked Corinne and sent Taylor home, but even that choice didn't have much oomph-he has barely seemed interested in either of their stories about the other (wonder why?), and you know a person who makes their whole relationship with the lead of the show about someone else in the house is ultimately doomed. "I knew she would kill it, honestly".