The 2017 Royal Rumble and its winners

The 2017 Royal Rumble and its winners

The WWE Royal Rumble 2017 is here, and the 30-man Rumble is one of the most star-studded in history! On the following episode of WWE Raw, Owens and Jericho celebrated but they were interrupted by Raw General Manager Mick Foley, who announced there would be another match between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. [Image by WWE] The results of the 2017 Royal Rumble match were highly disappointing. It was Naomi who took down Alexa Bliss which eventually turned out to be the final blow before clinching the Tag Team title fought between three-member teams.

Gallows and Anderson have been so criminally underused since showing up in the WWE a year ago.

Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks in their one-on-one match. That said, the Rumble match itself - the real draw of the Pay-Per-View - was once again a disappointment. Charlotte tried to deliver the moonsault but it was met with Bayley's knees. After successfully retaining her title against Bayley, will a new challenger step up an try to dethrone "The Queen"?

He chokeslammed Reigns on a table and gave him a running powerslam through another to allow KO to snatch the win. As the two started, more superstars entered the ring, bringing some drama into the match.

Neville has become the new cruiserweight champion as he dethroned Rich Swann from the top spot.

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A shocking conclusion to the 30-man rumble match then saw Goldberg again embarrass Brock Lesnar, before being eliminated by The Undertaker. Apparently, rumors of a match up between him and John Cena are rife.

When you have John Cena taking on AJ Styles for the WWE title, it will be epic. Only Ric Flair has managed this until now.

Tonight is the 2017 edition of the WWE Royal Rumble. He goes up against guys like Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins (during his heel run), and Braun Strowman. After Goldberg basically squashed Lesnar Survivor Series this past November, Goldberg came back and brawled with Lesnar for a short period in the match until he ultimately eliminated Lesnar, leaving the former UFC heavyweight champion looking stunned in the middle of the ramp. Goldberg hit the spear on Undertaker. But WrestleMania often revolves around WWE's biggest names, and Undertaker certainly fits that bill.

Depending on one's feelings regarding Roman Reigns, his arrival at No. 30 was a disaster. Roman Reigns then eliminated Chris Jericho.

With only one NXT call-up (Tye Dillinger) in the match and poor booking (Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker - who were marketed the most on the show, only lasted an accumulative of 10 minutes in the match), Rumble proved to be a lost cause.