Renzi says he will resign with budget's passage

Renzi says he will resign with budget's passage

He had promised to wait until the Senate passed the 2017 budget, which it did earlier in the day.

If the Senate approves the budget as expected, Mr Renzi could be out by Thursday and the president is expected to begin immediate discussions for his replacement. "Thanks to everyone and viva l'Italia!"

The result is considered a win for Eurosceptic populist and nationalist parties in Italy which campaigned heavily against Renzi and his promise to stimulate Italy's sluggish economy.

Mr Renzi, 41, had staked his future on constitutional reform, which was aimed at streamlining Italy's notoriously lengthy legislative process by weakening the powers of the upper house, cutting down the number of senators and limiting the powers of regional authorities.

Saying that he was looking forward to a PlayStation game with his children and to celebrating his 86-year-old grandmother's birthday yesterday, Mr Renzi indicated that a break from politics might be welcome.

"I hope that tomorrow morning, in the Playstation contest with my children, I'll have more luck than I had in some other ones", he quipped. At his party leadership meeting, a jovial Renzi preserved a sense of humor.

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The party is beset by internal divisions that were painfully exposed by Renzi's battle to modify Italy's constitution. One of the moves that antagonized many in the party was Renzi's bold maneuver to trigger the downfall of his predecessor as premier, Enrico Letta.

Mattarella does not favour early elections until Italy has compatible electoral systems for both houses of parliament, although the two main opposition parties, the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement and the rightwing Northern League are pushing hard for early polls.

Matteo Salvini, 43, heads up the anti-immigrant Northern League party and has tried - but largely failed - to extend its reach beyond the rich north into the poorer southern heartlands by playing the anti-euro card and railing against migrants.

Grillo - an entertainer-turned-politican known for his unruly language and mop of silver hair - made a name for himself on Italian TV in the 1970s and 1980s. He pledged to resign if the referendum was defeated. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, it may allow the populist 5 Star Movement, which has proposed a nonbinding referendum on the Euro and membership of the EU, to take power in the Chamber.ItaleaveItaly abandoning the euro would likely destabilize global currency markets and - with Brexit looming - further weaken the European Union.

The major obstacle to holding an election in two months' time is that parliament must first revise the rules by which it will be held.

The Senate approved the budget earlier Wednesday. But all the parties had agreed to revise it before the referendum.