Anti-EU UKIP picks new leader to replace Trump ally Farage

Anti-EU UKIP picks new leader to replace Trump ally Farage

Nuttall, who was the party's former deputy leader, was announced as the victor of the latest leadership contest against frontrunner Suzanne Evans and John Rees-Evans. "And this week I'm going off to the U.S., but purely as a tourist".

The MEP - who had been prevented from standing in the first election after submitting his nomination papers 17 minutes late - called the party "ungovernable" and said it "lacks direction, it lacks a objective and it lacks any semblance of professional organisation".

In the first contest, the favorite to succeed Farage, Steven Woolfe, was disqualified because he submitted his application 17 minutes late, and Evans was not allowed to stand because she was suspended from the party for six months. Mr Nuttall took 9,622 votes, with Ms Evans getting 2,973 votes (19.3%) and Mr Rees-Evans third with 2,775 votes (18.1%).

He appointed London mayoral candidate and Assembly Peter Whittle as deputy leader.

In the speech, he referred to his comments at the party conference in September, when he said he "fear [ed] for the very future of our party" unless the "cancer" of infighting ends. Of the 32,757 ballots sent out to members, only 15405 people voted - just under half of the membership.

As a shaven-headed Liverpudlian with a strong regional accent, Mr Nuttall said he would stand out from the identikit politicians who he believes have turned ordinary working voters off politics. If I was the government I'd use him'.

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"Ukip do not speak for Britain and their brand of reactionary, divisive politics threatens the character and cohesion of our society".

DIANE James, Member of the European Parliament for the South East and a former leader of Waverley Borough Council's opposition, has quit UKIP ending a tumultuous five-year spell with the party.

Already enjoying success under a privately-educated former commodities trader, Ukip's appeal to traditional Labour voters in the North can only be helped further by the scouse accented, state educated Mr Nuttall.

In its official response to the Ukip leadership election, Labour opted to focus on Nuttall's previous comments about the NHS.

Douglas Carswell said he was "excited" ahead of the announcement of the replacement for Mr Farage. "But equally, I think there are Conservatives who will be rich pickings as we don't get the Brexit we voted for". He will replace Nigel Farage, who stepped down from party leadership after the Brexit vote, saying, "I want my life back", but stepped back up as interim leader because his replacement quit after 18 days on the job. "There is nothing patriotic in stoking up hatred and mistrust of our neighbours".