If the playoff were today: Alabama-Clemson, Ohio State-Michigan in semis

Louisville has been viewed as a possible candidate to move up into the top four this week but while the Cardinals pass the eye test they still can't seem to break on through.

While he has performed well under pressure so far this year, the biggest question for Alabama is how Freshman QB Jalen Hurts will respond to the big stage that is the College Football Playoff.

The College Football Playoff rankings will continue for two more weeks and will be released each Tuesday. Why hypothesize about blowing the College Football Playoff rankings up when real life handled the plot for us?

The big victor in the latest ranking is Clemson. Ohio State was fifth and Louisville ranked sixth. Iowa doesn't look almost as good as it did last season, but Kinnick Stadium is a tough place to play. "Oklahoma State's record is 8-2; at the same time, the Selection Committee is aware of what transpired in that football game".

The Ohio State-Michigan game is the biggest wild-card game of the remaining regular-season contests. That should be enough to keep Clemson in the field, but the Tigers basically eliminated their margin for error.

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Louisville (9-1) remains on the outside looking in on the top four at No. 5, followed by Washington (9-1) at No. 6.

The top seven in this week's Associated Press poll, in order, are Alabama, Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan, Clemson, Wisconsin and Washington. And Sam Darnold is the best quarterback in the Pac-12. Should WSU win, everyone in the Pac-12 would have two-losses.

Even if Ohio State wins out, they will need a loss to happen to get into the Big Ten Championship game.

The only undefeated teams left are Alabama, which remained atop the poll, and Western Michigan, which stayed put at No. 21 in the latest poll. Wisconsin will likely be the opponent in the Big Ten championship game, but Nebraska still has a chance. The Crimson Tide were their usual dominant selves in a home triumph against Mississippi State and now stand as the only unbeaten team from a power-five conference. So something would have to give in this scenario. The loss to Ole Miss sends them tumbling 11 spots to No. 22. Since the Big Ten champ (assuming it's either Ohio State or MI in this case) is in a semifinal, the Rose Bowl would choose the next highest-ranked Big Ten team, which would be No. 7 Wisconsin. However, it does increase the possibility of two ACC teams.

Like I said earlier today, this isn't cause for extreme concern. Let us know in the comments!