Trump victory brings 'alt-right' into full view

Trump victory brings 'alt-right' into full view

Tweets from Trump's meeting with The New York Times from reporters Maggie Haberman, Mike Grynbaum, Julie Davis, and others detailed a lengthy exchange on Trump's alt-right support and Bannon. He called white people "children of the sun" and said they were "awakening to their own identity" as the Donald J Trump regime is about to start.

Donald Trump has repudiated the fringe "alt-right" group that celebrated his election win with Nazi salutes.

The Present-elect of the United States attempted to distance himself from supporters identifying as members of the so-called "alt-right" movement who were filmed cheering in Washington DC on Saturday as a speaker shouted: "Hail Trump".

Non-white and socially liberal people in America have every right to be afraid of the neo-Nazi white supremacists that Donald Trump has done so much to embolden. However, it remains worrisome that perhaps the movement has already been so strengthened by Trump's election that it will be hard to return them to their pre-2016 irrelevance. "Syria, we have to solve that problem", he said.

Spencer has popularised the term "alt-right" to describe people who have right and far-right beliefs and reject mainstream USA conservatism.

Trump also moved to defend Stephen Bannon - the former Breitbart News head who has been appointed as Trump's chief strategist in the White House.

"You are fooled if you think Trump was going to give us some sort of permission slip to start cleansing America".

Before Trump's latest denunciations, Spencer told AP earlier Tuesday that he doesn't see either Trump or Bannon as members of his movement, though "there is some common ground".

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The billionaire businessman and U.S. president-elect was pushed into a tight spot after the so-called National Policy Institute (NPI) held a conference on Saturday in Washington, close to the White House.

Furthermore, they noted, "during his victory speech on Election Day, Donald Trump emphasized that he wants to be the "president for all Americans.' Eighty-three years ago what began as a 'seig" ended in the crematoriums".

Another wrote: "Trump can't be non-negative on the alt-right".

Asked by the Times about whether he would "open up" libel laws, as he has previously threatened, Trump said someone told him, "You know, YOU might be sued a lot more.' I said, 'you know, I hadn't thought of that, '" according to Grynbaum.

"Mr. Trump has always denounced these groups and individuals associated with a message of hate", Hicks said. I'm not looking to energize them. He suggested that throwing Nazi salutes at the event filled with journalists serves no other goal than to deliberately discredit the alt-right movement.

While these people's views are scary enough, The Atlantic magazine was on hand to record part of the event (below) for a documentary they're shooting, and Spencer sounds f*cking TERRIFYING!

One post urged people to "stay fucking calm" until the appointment of Romney - who is a reviled figure amongst the "alt-right" - was reported by Breitbart.