How the Costumes of 'Allied' Helped Spin a WWII Spy Craft Yarn

How the Costumes of 'Allied' Helped Spin a WWII Spy Craft Yarn

As can be expected given the casualties of war, numerous people who knew Marianne are dead, so Max has to fly into France to interrogate a prisoner there who knew her before he did.

Regardless, the lack of believability in Max and Marianne's fervent romance renders rumors of an off-screen affair between Pitt and Cotillard altogether unlikely.

On the surface, it looks like director Robert Zemeckis' wants to turn the World War II spy romance on its head with his latest film, Allied.

"Allied" is Brad Pitt's worst movie since "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". But Pitt and Cotillard's chemistry is just as charged and combustible. But here he does something tricky - carving out a portrait of a man who goes from a dashing secret operative to a man experiencing profound confusion and emotional anguish as he faces the first real threat to everything that means something to him. Of course, the accusations of adultery are merely rumors, but it is hard to entirely push the real-life drama out of your head when you are watching the relationship between Pitt and Cotillard unfold on screen.

"I'm good at pretending at my job, but if what I did would involve other people's lives and if I were the person I am today, then I wouldn't live a life of lies and violence", says the Oscar victor.

That the two stars dress and look so good in "Allied" is fitting in a film that feels only skin deep.

That knowledge, acquired roughly halfway through the film, seems to upend "Allied" and make it a trickier, better movie, at least for a while. Well, to be fair, there are a couple of shots showing coronas of glowing tracer bullets being fired against German bombers across the night sky over London.

He joins forces with glamorous French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard), who is already embedded in Casablanca and will pose as his adoring wife. (The rule of thumb in espionage is simple: Don't fall for your co-spy.) But love does its trick.

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It's a reaction I've often had to Zemeckis' more grandiose films, including Forrest Gump, Beowulf, and Contact.

Reportedly based on a true story, the film begins in the thick of World War II in 1942 Casablanca, Morocco. The conceit may be somewhat dubious as history, but it's one hell of a twist.

The problem arrives in the second half when Max goes on his mission to determine whether or not Marianne is a German spy. He runs afoul of the Third Reich in the process, hiding under the floorboards in a scene that evokes the tightly coiled tension of "Inglourious Basterds".

Allied is entertaining, especially for fans of Pitt, who acts superbly as always. The opportunity for the sublime Marion Cotillard display its baby bump in a lovely red silk dress.

Cotillard also announced at the time she was pregnant.

Screenwriter Steven Knight ("Eastern Promises") is much better at tearing apart his lovers than bringing them together and saves his best scenes for last, leading to a powerhouse final sequence that finally earns the comparison to "Casablanca".

She was talking about Guillaume Canet, not Brad Pitt.

"He said it was nice to meet me and started asking about the girls". Allied is meant to be a throwback to an old-school romantic Hollywood spectacle, with screen-filling stars leaving their hearts on the floor as they swoop and soar through any number of incredibly detailed period locales on a grand adventure that usually involves one of the great wars.