Obama: Democratic Party Needs To Reflect, 'Show Up Everywhere'

Obama: Democratic Party Needs To Reflect, 'Show Up Everywhere'

Gallup notes that Democrats dislike Trump far more than the opposition party has disliked any other president in recent history. "We live in a country as a democracy where a simple majority is the vision of how we make decisions". Democrats needed a high turnout to offset a significant enthusiasm gap at the top of the ticket and they did not get it.

Even though I am a lifelong Democrat, I voted for Donald Trump because I love my country. That judgment was, at a minimum, premature. She had been running for president most of her life and now that they came so close, they refuse to reconcile the fact that the American people rejected her and her message. "Beginning in January, Republicans will add the White House to the branches of government under their control, providing the GOP with an opportunity to shift this image balance".

The debate over whether the supermajority requirement for Supreme Court nominations is apparently raging in the Democratic and Republican caucuses. Clinton did not, at least among those disenchanted with her being on the ticket instead of Sanders. Among 18-29 year olds, Clinton won by a margin of only 54 percent to 37 percent - a drop of 7 points from Obama's 61 percent in 2012).

Trump received similar ratings in a Gallup poll as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did after they were elected, with 51 percent of Americans saying they were "more confident" in Trump's ability to serve as president based on his statements and actions since he was elected. Of the 207 swing counties that went for Mr. Obama only once (in 2008 or 2012), Mr. Trump won 194.

Conversely, Trump beat Clinton in 14 Democratic counties, mostly in the western part of the state.

Tim Kaine, Clinton's running mate, said Comey owed it to the public to be more forthcoming about the emails under review by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the days ticking down to the November 8 election. Many Trump supporters will point to current issues that demand attention, such as immigration policy, trade agreements with foreign nations, healthcare, and combatting ISIS, and say that they liked Trump's proposed solutions to those issues much more than Clinton's, and that's fair for them to say. Why did the DNC apologize to Bernie Sanders, and why didn't Hillary Clinton and her camp file suit against Wikileaks?

Observers agreed she outperformed Trump in the three presidential debates, with most survey respondents voting overwhelmingly in favour of Clinton as the better of the two debaters.

Democrats will win when theirs is the "big tent" party.

Congressional GOP pledges swift action on Trump's agenda
The GOP picked up enough seats to create a rare 18-to-18 partisan make-up in the Senate, controlled by Democrats since 1996. Now, the question becomes: What will the Republicans do with it? Other issues might be more contentious within the party.

"The lens through which people understand politics and politicians is extraordinarily powerful".

The Democratic Party-in a related context-justified the loss of its candidate in the presidential race by accusing the FBI Director James Comey of submitting a request to the Congress to examine some of Clinton's emails and their impact on U.S. national security, aiming to deliberately reduce her chances of becoming the next president. However, they did not do that.

I have always been a huge fan of American presidential campaigns, and this one was the most fascinating and extreme in memory.

The question now is whether a Republican Party suffering from its own internal ideological schisms will be able to govern effectively. And without this apparent late surge, Hillary Clinton would be our president-elect - not Trump.

As long-time clients and readers know, I have kept a fairly low political profile as we moved through this year's election season, as opposed to previous years when I was an outspoken supporter for the conservative candidates.

I have had a chance to comb through the exit polls from November 8.

The Republican leadership on Capitol Hill, led by Paul Ryan, has already devised a package of sensible reforms to budgets, entitlements, and spending. They abandoned Democrats as few, even seasoned, party operatives suspected they could, leading to victories in places like MI and Wisconsin that President Barack Obama won easily just four years ago.

But breaking through the gridlock will also require Trump and Congressional Republicans to deal with Democrats who hold a blocking minority in the Senate.