McConnell will lead Senate GOP, Schumer will lead Democrats

McConnell will lead Senate GOP, Schumer will lead Democrats

Senate Democrats on Wednesday elected Sanders their "chair of outreach", a new position in the party leadership.

Good to be with you. Under Harry Reid, the Democrats in the Senate had a seven-member leadership team.

Still, if common ground does emerge in the new Washington, Schumer is likely to explore it. "He has developed such a reputation, deservedly so, of working with people across the nation". In fact, we've been proposing that for some time.

Republicans will control the White House, House and Senate, but their potential Achilles' heel is the Senate, which they will dominate 52-48.

Schumer has mentioned infrastructure as an area of possible cooperation. "It's our job to do the oversight and scrutiny and review that's appropriate", he said.

"Where we can work together we will", Schumer told reporters about Trump. We believe you could not find a member of our caucus that does not believe that the system is rigged in favor of the wealthy and well-connected.

Democrats disgruntled about last week's election results had pressured Pelosi to delay leadership elections that had been scheduled for this week. "Truly humbled, and honored to receive the support of my colleagues to be the next leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus". But "for the future of the economy, it is absolutely necessary that we repeal Glass-Steagall". "I think the vast majority of Americans would be in favor of doing something reasonable with people who are not delinquents and criminals, who have been here a long time". They aren't sure. "This is the debate we are going to have to have in the Democratic Party, that debate is: Which side are you on?"

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SIEGEL: What's the message to young voters who turned in unusually high numbers to third-party candidates this year? It's going to be important that they stay engaged and speak out. We have yet to see if we will see any movement on the costs of college and education.

SIEGEL: Well, there's a Supreme Court question you're going to face very soon. And he angered Democrats by refusing to let the Senate consider Obama's nomination of federal judge Merrick Garland to fill a Supreme Court vacancy that occurred in February, which paid dividends when Trump won. It plans to launch similar protests in the offices of other Democratic senators "who don't do everything they can to filibuster Trump's legislation that promotes his hatred or his greed".

Murray has served as the top Democrat on the HELP committee in this Congress, working closely with Chairman Lamar Alexander of Tennessee on issues such as education reform and a medical innovation bill, which lawmakers still hope to pass before the end of the year.

The next Senate Democratic leader has also earned the grudging respect of Republicans as a fierce partisan.

Monday's protests are building off a wave of rallies over the weekend, including the #HeretoStay march that began at Columbus Circle in Manhattan yesterday and then moved to Trump Tower, speaking out against the president-elect's hard-line anti-immigration policies.

"We are here because so many of us are terrified and scared and pissed off", said Yong Jung Cho, a participant from Queens, N.Y.