Hailee Steinfeld stars in "The Edge of Seventeen".

Hailee Steinfeld stars in

"The Edge of Seventeen" may not be groundbreaking work, but it's honest, engaging and most importantly, funny.

But this comes at a cost.

Finally, a coming-of-age teen film that gets it all right.

We get voiceover narration, forced quirkiness and the nice boy who waits while Nadine chases the bad boy, but we also get commitments to a layered main character and complicated relationships.

Early on in Kelly Fremon Craig's wonderful The Edge of Seventeen, our heroine, Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), barges in on her teacher, Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson), who's eating lunch at his desk. Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) has suffered tragedy in her life, and that doubtless colors her cynical, pessimistic worldview. "And the films that John Hughes made ... are too, but they don't necessarily speak to the today part that this movie does". This is a movie about a teen, first and foremost, rather than a "teen movie", and that's exactly what makes it feel like a peerless example for the genre. This can be seen especially in scenes where she freaks out because of the music she must face as a teenager growing up. This betrayal leads Nadine to become even more introverted as she continues to alienate her loved ones. Fremon Craig's only previous film credit is the screenplay for Post Grad but, with the help of Brooks, her directing debut is opening nationally this Friday. The film doesn't have any wild dramatic twists or moments of awful danger. There are hints of the darker reality teens go through, as Nadine is tormented by a broken family that leaves her unable to fit comfortably in social situations. Shortly after its release, Steinfeld landed a record contract and put out her first EP, "Haiz", last November. She had squished the interviews into a day off from touring with Meghan Trainor, having launched a career as a fledgling pop star previous year with the polished pop anthem "Love Myself". Even as her character lashes out at everyone and everything around her, for reasons that are both justified and entirely overwrought, you understand why it's happening and share her outrage.

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In much of popular art-if not always in life-girls and young women are told over and over how much power they have over their own lives. These issues are introduced and forgotten, and never thoroughly explored. Nadine's seemingly flawless brother and friend feel like pale versions of similar characters in "Election" without any of the real world awkwardness or satirical bite. The dialogue is terrible in these scenes as well, relying too heavily on cliché. Krista (Haley Lu Richardson) has been her best friend since the second grade. Thank you for that brilliant advice, Darian. The story focuses on an eccentric 16-year-old American girl looking towards her 17th birthday with dread, awkwardness and anxiety.

And any frequent moviegoer must know by now that Woody Harrelson can do anything. But that only makes the film feel more real, and "The Edge of Seventeen" reaches a level of authenticity that few films, teenage or otherwise, are capable of achieving.

"I remember a lot of people telling me: 'Your life is about to change, so much is going to be different, blah blah blah.' After it all kind of settled down I was like: Nothing's different".

Nadine has one friend - literally.