What went wrong in this year's presidential polls?

What went wrong in this year's presidential polls?

President Obama has shown in recent days that the best way to work for the American people is to give Donald Trump the kind of support, moral and intellectual, that every president needs. However, most of the outstanding votes appear to be in Democratic-leaning states, making it very likely she will become the second Democratic candidate for president this century to win the popular vote but lose the presidency.

The time to speak out against a candidate is before the election. For everyone. So it's easy to feel discouraged and defeated, especially if your vote went to Hillary Clinton, as a majority of the popular vote did. What makes me a little unusual is that I am a Republican who was voting for a Democrat for president for the first time since 1976. "With the potential dangers of a Trump presidency, we hope this moment will clarify the urgent need for civic engagement and electoral participation". With the Electoral College you'd have to spread your efforts to a number of states, making it more hard and making getting caught seem more likely.

It is my considered opinion that the Electoral College vote should be proportional, or done away with altogether.

Even applying a conservative 30 percent rule of diminishing returns, Trump still ends up with 79.1 million votes - 18 million more than Clinton under the same variables.

Efforts to game the institution are not without precedent and have happened with surprising frequency.

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Friday that protesters have to accept the election results. And it's possible that living in a rural area caused people to vote more Republican this election. Now that he's been elected, that decision is behind us, and Trump has done nothing since the election that warrants a protest. The vote was done in private, and no one owned up to the deed. Of the voters with unfavorable opinions of both Trump and Clinton, almost half voted for Trump, according to Fox News. However, some countries, including Iran, which has the background of about four decades of political, economic and rhetorical tug of war with Washington on its track records, are considered more important in this regard, so that, the name of Iran was frequently repeated during election debates between the two U.S. presidential candidates along such countries as Russian Federation and Iraq. We have always respected our elections.

Because a state like California is so predictably Democratic - just as a state like Kansas is so predictably Republican - the fight mostly comes down to a handful of so-called battleground states that can swing either way and decide the outcome. Was Trump's argument made because Obama was African-American, or a genuine belief, or many just something to grab attention? Absolutely. He and I differ on a whole bunch of issues", Obama said, adding that there are "certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well, unless he recognizes them and corrects.

The world looked on incredulously as Donald Trump, the maverick political novice, moved from being a brash billionaire and reckless business tycoon to United States president-elect. Whether you mean to or not, you have cast a vote.

A reading of what Clinton and Trump spent through October 20 offers an interesting look at how much of a landslide the popular vote might have been had Trump invested as much money as Hillary Clinton. My friends had varying reasons why they chose to vote for Trump; high on the list were taxes, Obamacare, and terrorism. Many state electors are required to vote for the popular vote in their state when the electoral college meets, but many are not required. First, arguments for a national popular vote and the abolition of the Electoral College will certainly gain momentum.

Under those circumstances, his percentage of the vote would not have had to budge very much to hand him the victory. Trump won white women by 53 percent, while Clinton improved her share of that vote by only one percentage point over Obama in 2012. It was a vote against a foreign policy that saw the Islamic State's expansion rather than its defeat. Others, I suspect, he will fudge or kick down the road, and even his most ardent supporters won't mind.