Congressional GOP pledges swift action on Trump's agenda

Congressional GOP pledges swift action on Trump's agenda

CITY, Iowa Buoyed by Donald Trump's surprising strength, the Republicans maintained their control over a large majority of state legislatures across the country, setting up the GOP to enact conservative policies and potentially cement its political power for years to come.

In the Orlando area, Carlos Guillermo Smith, a Democrat, won District 49, which had been previously represented by Rep. Rene Plasencia, a Republican who moved to District 50, where he won election on Tuesday.

The Kentucky House had been the last state chamber in the South with a Democratic majority.

Democratic operatives struggled to explain why their optimistic assessments of retaking Senate control were so mistaken.

Democrats who had hoped to pick up seats in the House and stem GOP gains in the Senate saw their hopes dashed Tuesday, particularly in the Philadelphia suburbs. An estimated 8 million workers are undocumented immigrants, and this kind of policy could force many of them to leave the country. "The Republicans are still champions".

With Republicans managing the debate agenda next year in both the House and Senate, Iowa GOP chair Jeff Kaufmann expects cutting taxes to be a priority.

Although there is unlikely to be any animosity between those senators over the results of Thursday's election - Cushing said "we're friends, and we'll leave this room as friends no matter the results" - they do illuminate some internal divisions between moderates and conservatives in the Senate. The GOP retained seats in Minnesota, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Wisconsin that Democrats had coveted.

Gronstal, a powerful Democrat who had been a fixture in state government for three decades, lost to Republican Dan Dawson, of Council Bluffs, in the Tuesday election.

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin speaks during a news conference in Janesville, Wisc., shortly before noon on Wednesday. She has been a dominant figure among House Democrats for decades as a strategist, fundraiser and enforcer.

"This is an opportunity for both sides to work together".

The GOP picked up enough seats to create a rare 18-to-18 partisan make-up in the Senate, controlled by Democrats since 1996.

In the Senate, a leadership shakeup looms with the defeat of Democratic Majority Leader Michael Sanchez.

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Wholesale Price Index (WPI) or wholesale inflation declined to 3.39% in October 2016 as compared to 3.57% of September 2016. The index for primary articles (weight 20.12 per cent) declined by 0.8 per cent to 261.8 from 263.9 for the previous month.

Officials say the pressure does increase for Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, who is a Democrat, and is capable of breaking a tie in the Senate.

On balance, Democrats are breathing a collective sigh of relief over the state legislative results.

"I'm very impressed with the millennials really getting involved and getting active", Maynard said.

Even if they wind up winning North Carolina, Democrats can take no similar comfort from the governors' races. Now, the question becomes: What will the Republicans do with it?

Other issues might be more contentious within the party.

The Republicans also have held onto their solid majority in the House with 239 seats. Needing to win just two of those targeted races to change control of the Senate, Republicans won five.

Republicans celebrated their wins, already looking ahead to midterms in 2018 when Democrats could see their numbers reduced even further with a group of red-state Senate Democrats on the ballot.

Paul Sracic, who chairs the politics department at Youngstown State University in OH, said: "There was all this concern that Trump would damage Republicans down-ticket". The seven who won included Marguerite Grays, 10.27 percent; Joseph Esposito, 9.87 percent; Cheree Buggs, 7.39 percent; William Viscovich, 9.24 percent; Margaret McGowan, 9.39 percent; Joseph Zayas, 9.30 percent; Ernest Hart, 7.93 percent.

Governor race too close to call in N.C.


None of these outcomes was a surprise.

"I definitely thought that Trump would be the (Republican) nominee, since he was polling so much higher than everyone else", Heinz said.