American Horror Story: Roanoke - "Chapter 10" Review

American Horror Story: Roanoke -

Does this mean that Lee will finally tell all about what happened at the Roanoke house, or will "American Horror Story" fans find that she'll play innocent in the entire ordeal? "You killed Daddy", she states, and it seems like that should be the final nail in the coffin regarding Lee's innocence.

OMG... this show doesn't let you breathe.

The Roanoke Nightmare season didn't have to worry about that as it came out of the gates fast and kept up that speed and drama for the season's first nine episodes. "John Landgraf [of FX] and Dana Walden [of Fox TV Group] and I were talking, and the show is in its sixth season, and we've always done everything by the book".

As we know, Lee was also controlled by Scáthach toward the end of "Chapter 9", killing Monet (Angela Bassett). Lee Harris (Adina Porter, the breakout star of this naughty nightmare) turned out to be the sole survivor after the Agatha Christie pick-off led us to the riveting penultimate shoot-out from, by, and through several internal organs of Audrey Tindall. I nearly laughed when Lee was accused of "killing three innocent people".

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Lee is upset and insists that they turn the cameras off.

In a Diane Sawyer-esque interview with Lana Winters (played by Sarah Paulson, the same character she played in American Horror Story: Asylum), Lee aims to clear her name and tell her side of the story, hoping to (literally) wash some blood from her hands. She exclaims that that's what she wants, and that her mother can't stop her. It's a live broadcast, so when Lee starts pressing her about her sketchy past, Lana has to redirect the interview. Lee felt the two were kindred spirits. Priscilla the ghost girl was there in the shadows keeping her finger crossed Flora would choose to stay in the house and protect her. Flora realized the only way to shield her friend from the wrath of the Butcher was if she became a ghost. He then knocks Lana out with the butt of his rifle before he too is plugged to death by a security guard. Where can the show go next? They recruit Ashley Gilbert (Leslie Jordan), the actor who played Cricket in season one. It's still the Blood Moon, after all. Apparently Flora is missing, and the host accused Lee of being responsible. Those of us who rank are putting this season near the top-maybe even surpassing Asylum and Freakshow, the most beloved seasons to date. Now she joins Lana Winters (Paulson) for a Barbara Walters style TV interview to discuss and reflect on the events she's been through and witnessed. Lee is acquitted of all the charges, and for a second it looks like we might be done with the whole affair. It's revealed that Lee still has no real relationship with Flora, as she is fighting for custody of her own child from her dead husband's family. Audrey was ultimately shot by the police as she tried to take down Lee. When they eventually come back on, she agrees to talk about her first daughter. Heading back to the Roanoke House during the Blood Moon, these poor saps have no idea what chaos they are heading into.

But boy did this season. Showing just how much of an impact the series had on fans, it's no wonder why Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) would even think to pitch "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" to the network. It Won't Be A Murder HouseCoven Crossover American Horror Story showrunners promised a Murder House and Coven crossover, but it won't be during Season 7. In the mean time, you can find me here at 411Mania reviewing Gotham on Monday nights. "I really like that I had an opportunity to be involved with people where you could not phone it in".