Super Mario Set to Make Smartphone Debut

Super Mario Set to Make Smartphone Debut

Kyoto-based Nintendo said it would release Super Mario Run worldwide for Apple's iPhone and iPad onDecember 15.

Following a free download, access to the full game on iPhone and iPad devices will cost users $9.99.

Regardless of that, the Nintendo brand is still synonymous with quality when it comes to video games, and the Japanese entertainment company is presumably trying to bank on that fact.

"Super Mario Run" fans that use android devices are excited to know about the launching of the game for the said version. The game, modeled after the classic Mario games, can be downloaded for free to play for some of the levels. The World Tour is set in a familiar 2D "Super Mario" stage. Super Mario moves towards automatically and players tap the screen to dodge the obstacles and this game will also playable with one hand. Apple had earlier hinted about the impending release of Super Mario for its mobile platform in an iPhone 7 event, a couple of months ago. Tapping the touchscreen will make Mario jump, while holding your thumb will make him jump higher. Starting on December 15th, the game will launch in 151 countries and regions.

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Social media reaction in Japan to the game's price was positive.

The Kingdom Builder gives the players an opportunity to create their own kingdom. Today the company has given out a release date and price for the much anticipated game. There is no stopping there for Nintendo as they are also planning to launch mobile titles for its Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem franchises in March 2017.

Nintendo is looking for the same success for "Super Mario Run".

Developed under the direction of the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run signs a break for Nintendo, long reluctant to embark in the universe of mobiles despite increasingly fierce competition.