Boxer to introduce bill to end Electoral College

Boxer to introduce bill to end Electoral College

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Monday that members of her party must not be "divided" or "discouraged" and emphasized the importance of "analyzing" and "understanding" the stunning election loss they suffered on November 8 at the hands of Republican Donald Trump.

It takes an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to abolish the Electoral College, and amendments need to be ratified by three-fourths of the states.

Earlier this year, the Georgia legislature considered a series of bipartisan-backed bills which, if enough other states went the same route, would award Georgia's electoral votes to whomever won the national popular vote.

President Barack Obama on Monday seemed to imply that Hillary Clinton's campaign tactics were at the core of her loss to President-elect Donald Trump, according to a story in The Washington Post.

In an interview on Sunday with the 60 Minutes programme Mr Trump complained about the electoral college system, in which each state is worth a different number of votes, saying that he preferred the popular vote method.

The argument for keeping the Electoral College system in place, as Trump says, is that it gives voice to the smaller states that otherwise might be ignored. That is probably why fewer people voted in this presidential election than in 2012 and 2008.

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Reality Check verdict: It is true to say that in America you can win the popular vote and lose the election. You may think that that your vote wouldn't make a difference, but when millions of people think that way, those votes could have made a difference. Traditionally, as in Iowa, all of a state's electors will vote for the state's popular vote victor. The country he, added, "ought to think about this" and may want to rethink the system. There's been more than 700 proposals over the years to change the electoral college. There's a reason for doing this because it brings all the states into play-Electoral College, and there's something very good about that.

More than 42 million Americans voted before Election Day, but their ballots may still be getting counted a week later. With a possible total of 538 electoral votes, the candidate with at least 270 electoral votes wins.

"A Republican won the Electoral College votes, absolutely Donald Trump won that". But neither has a president like Donald Trump.

"Despite all the pictures of people in line at the polls, turnout actually went down", said Brooks D. Simpson, a history professor at Arizona State University. In this example, a Californian's vote is worth 6.3 percent less than one vote. She had called Trump to congratulate and concede late election night.

It's important to recognise that politicians campaign to the system they are operating in - we can not say that if the electoral system were different the result would definitely have been different since the candidates may well have campaigned accordingly.