Google Releases App to Digitize Boxes of Old Photo Prints

Google Releases App to Digitize Boxes of Old Photo Prints

Lieb said the team had tested the app on hundreds of photos of all different ages and types - including sun-damaged photos, daguerreotypes, and 1980s Polaroids - and PhotoScan could guess what colors and contrasts needed help. In some instances, I had to scan my photo a couple of times to get it to register properly.

You can download the app here.

Beyond PhotoScan are some noteworthy additions to the proper Google Photos app.

To use PhotoScan, you simply align the photo, then snap away. You can then back up your images to Google Photos for safe keeping. It even works through glass frames.

Though you don't need to log in to Google to use PhotoScan, you can upload photos from the app directly to Google Photos if you have an account.

Unlike just shooting a smartphone photo of an image, which is a tricky dance of glare and shadows and blown-out details, the four-corner scanning process eliminates reflections and other aspects of digital deterioration.

More editing tools. The new options make the app more like VSCO or a "lite" version of Adobe Lightroom.

From start to finish, digitizing a photo takes less than 10 seconds.

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Speaking of Google Photos, there are also a few new tools for editing that are also rolling out.

The quality of the scans will depend on your phone's camera.

Don't just take a picture of a picture. You can get PhotoScan now in the App Store and Google Play.

Google Photos is getting a number of updates today that improve the editing experience with the help of machine learning and more manual controls.

For instance, a "Lullaby" theme creates a montage around photos of baby sleeping, appropriate soft music and all, while "Holiday Traditions" caters to images of the December holidays.

Google says there are more of these video montage templates planned. Coming next month: Christmas shots and happy moments from 2016.

And lastly, Google's made it easier to share photos from everyone's devices with Google Photos.

Google today also announced some improvements to the Google Photos app.